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  1. “W-wait!” The stranger added hastily. “You have wings. I have wings. And I need some-“ They broke of into fit of wheezeing and hacking before they could finish the sentence.
  2. Your internally horrified thoughts were soon interrupted by a hoarse snarl. ”WHO’S THERE!?”
  3. You didn’t walk into a tree this time. Instead, after twenty minutes of walking, you step directly into a puddle of of half-dried blood.
  4. ...Only to walk headfirst into a tree.
  5. The scent of food was almost overwhelming. Berry bushes to the left, oak trees to the right-it was luxurious! But before you could start gorging yourselves, the smell of a freshly marked border stopped you in your tracks.
  6. bumpy boo, mothertruckers.
  7. Just send in a Nicheling alongside any extra information i might need. (ie: scars, expression, accessories.) Style examples(will be colored, lined, and on printer paper.):
  8. At a more thorough examination, you (Anaelpri) realize that there was something scrawled into it. Although your clawscript was a bit rusty, you can get the gist of it: Winged have been killed for centuries. Mauled, drowned, abandoned, the end is all the same. The reason? Nobody but the oldest elders and wisest leaders know. Not yet, at least. Still, there’s hope. A place where winged can be safe, even happy. The Aviary. But first you’ll have to find it. Follow the brightest star in the sky for however long it takes. For some it may be only days, for some it may be months. All who have faith will find it. For those who don’t? Only the gods know. -Sincerely, Squid.
  9. You lift your paw, revealing a thin trail of blood running from the cut. You around to see whatever sliced you, only to find a flat, sharp-edged stone disc at your feet.
  10. (It doesn’t go by days.)
  11. Your eyes flicker away for a moment, uncovering something shiny in the brush.
  12. (Both have been added!) You crawl onto land, sodden wings heavy as lead. Although new smells assault your nostrils, it doesn’t seem too different from your home island. As you (Sikir) gingerly take another step forward...only to step on something sharp.
  13. (The max is four nichelings. And yea, nichelings with one wing count.)
  14. (When will the oc/ocs be ready?)
  15. Cookboi


    (Iilytuft has been disposed of)
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