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  1. A small rustle and a groan came in response.
  2. “Kirlur’s gone?” Terracotta asked, dumbfounded.
  3. “N-othing” Terracotta stammered. “I found Meadow, but she didn’t know were Rata was.” He motioned toward Meadow. (@Polly)
  4. Terracotta yelped, stumbling back before regaining his balance. The image of a dark red nicheling striking him across the back flashed in his mind and Terracotta flinched with the bad memories.
  5. (@Polly) The red shape of Terracotta and the white-and-black shape of Meadow enter your peripherals.
  6. Although nothing lurched out of the grass to attack you, the odor was so strong you nearly gaged. Still, there was something... different... about the scent that made your claws itch to run right toward the source.
  7. Brimstone nodded gratefully before promptly collapsing into a pile of ferns.
  8. Brimstone stifled a yawn as the sky-blue male crossed her sights. ”Ruta fell asleep just a bit ago. Do you think someone else could take second watch?”
  9. You slip into a uneasy doze, drifting from nightmare to nightmare. One was of a nicheling dying in your paws, another was of your son’s disgusted face. But the worst one of all? Meadow’s terrified expression as she was swallowed over and over again by the killer plant, shrieking for help that couldn’t be delivered.
  10. The scent of blood and rot hit you like a bag of stones the moment you turned around.
  11. (You realize they can’t hear you-) The moment the words leave your mouth, the forest begins to melt around you as you slip into a deeper, dreamless sleep.
  12. Your thoughts were interrupted by a hiss. “It made us stronger before!” The female hissed “why would it start killing us now?” ”I don’t know, Nutmeg. I don’t know.”
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