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  1. (work in progress) Since the saves has been fixed, I got an idea. Im going to post a save here (after I finish school), anyone who wants to participate can download it and play it. If they want they can do a thread of their own playthrough of the save, so over time each one will have an alternate version of the original timeline. They can do whatever they want on it, will their nichelings evolve to hunters or collectors? Will they go to easier or harder islands? Will they go extinct?
  2. Well, I’ve lost already 3. Maybe it’s that the bluebirds aren’t programmed for interacting with super short lifespans. Maybe the code of the bluebirds perceives the 3 day old teens as kids or something?
  3. You make my challenge look easy. XD
  4. Oops lol, I guess not playing the game for a year made me forget that.
  5. I was playing my flies challenge and when I opened an iceberg and a dead nicheling came out.
  6. Idk if it is a glitch but a bluebird ate 2 babies that where guarded by a teen. It was with my FLIES challenge, so maybe it could be a glitch with super short lifespans?
  7. I’ll close it as no one participates in my dumb wars.
  8. For some reason I read this as R2D2 instead of RDR2 and was like: Star Wars cat droids?! Also, sorry. I’m not a wc fan.
  9. I’ve already finished mine, still waiting for the round to start.
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