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  1. Thanks guys for your support, unfortunately I think I will not return completely. I will maybe check the place out once in a while. But I’m happy to hear all this support, thanks.
  2. I’m almost 18 so why not.
  3. Don’t tell m o t h e r
  4. Grandma, gimme more candy
  5. Skellington von Bones Skele army is coming
  6. Farewell my friend! Thanks for all the help on these months, you helped me throughout a lot! *Salutes*
  7. Well, I don’t know you well so idk. But you have written he/him so I guess not.
  8. I’m just going to say my final opinion. 1st. She is not transphobic, that’s just not true. Just because she said the scientifically correct fact that she was born female and with female organs, that’s not transphobic. It’s just basic biology. 2nd. She may be rude at times, but it is because you and your friends provoke her all the time. I see that every time Silver comments something you add a not very kind remark. 3rd. She threatens suicide because all the mean comments she gets from you and your friends, she has autism and anxiety so those comments make her feel really bad.
  9. Yes, please stop. I’m tired of all this.
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