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  1. Eating! You can eat mud and unlock mud genes! What happens once you reach Home Island?
  2. The ghosts of your dead Nichelings already took them! You need to make sure there’s enough food in the island for the past 25 generations Why do Nichelings only live 25 days? Are they flies or something?
  3. We don’t talk about the defender bears Can islands flood if it rains for too many days?
  4. Welcome to Spain but the S is silent
  5. A Nicheling


    forgor to share mine I always revenge! https://artfight.net/~A-Nicheling
  6. Epoch I actually got it?? When writing with your eyes closed writes better than with them open :wheeze:
  7. Oooo, I hadn’t seen your art in quite a while. Looks awesome!
  8. They drank a fire resistance potion, you can craft them too! If you put Nichelings in 2 different ports, can you travel to 2 islands?
  9. Remaking the profiles of some of my characters. I was thinking of putting it in the niche section but I think at this point they aren’t really Nichelings anymore. Probably more like sci-fi canine/feline creatures, they have a little badge instead of the gems and such.
  10. I will yeet some of my art fight stuff here once it’s time
  11. Fox News trying to ruin anything good and spreading lies like always
  12. Welcome! I did see your drawing in the discord server!
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