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  1. A Nicheling

    Nicheling war

    here is an animation I once did of it
  2. A Nicheling

    Nicheling war

    same lol, my favorite rp of all times
  3. A Nicheling

    Nicheling war

    yea. stalindog won since he had nuclear missiles. Maybe there could be a part 3 at some point tho, so that someone rebels to him
  4. I asked for it to be deleted, but it’s one of those “guests” that sent messages. here you can see it
  5. Also like a year ago I got a notification that the password of a deleted alt was leaked or something. but that one is deleted
  6. So some days ago I received an email that there were some failed log in attempts into SFS. So I checked the passwords and the one of my deleted account was changed to the one of my current account. That's scary, there are 2 possibilities based on the info given. It said it happened at 4am in my city. -I tried to log in with my phone while being half asleep and updated it or something. -Someone wants to use my account, maybe my brother or parents???? Scary stuff
  7. Other online forums (and SFS) use a template that is developed by someone else and they changed it so all forums using the template changed. Thats my guess
  8. The rank is gone, I just noticed that today. Also the description text is gone. Is there a reason for this changes?
  9. Maybe make all short snout as alphas, the squirrel overlords will be pleased. XD
  10. This is why you don’t draw in a phone
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