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  1. Time to use the most powerful weapon of cuteness: puppy Brownie!
  2. I hope happy Brownie makes you feel better.
  3. It’s version 1.2.4 -I think the tree one has been like forever. (I think I saw it like 2 years ago, but I’m not 100% sure) -The bluebirds eating protected babies, I don’t remember. -The skeleton coming out of icebergs, I think it is the first time I see it.
  4. Umm, @Philo I have found many bugs, like the iceberg and this one.
  5. Im so bad at doing personalities: "Ronu is a crazy fish" Thats it.
  6. Dukro is the self-proclaimed leader of the tribe, always very rude and screams at everyone. But is foolish and also a coward. Priku is the guard of the tribe, loves to hunt and eat. He is also good at collecting. Kupri is an ugly bat that almost no one cares about or likes, he is also kinda useless. Nudukir likes to be alone and away from all the drama, he dislikes company. Ronu is a crazy fish.
  7. Here they are and also a short personality for each. (I’m bad at doing personalities so you can add more descriptions for each of them) Sisi is the supposed healer, though she doesn’t like to help others much. She also thinks she is superior to others and looks down on them. Misi is Sisi’s sister, she thinks she is the most beautiful thing on the planet and she is very picky and complains about everything. Also, appearance-based when choosing mates. Anais, she is a kind duck that is kinda clumsy and likes to eat worms. Not very popular. Lameel is a Nichel
  8. Current tribe They have extremely long lifespans but also the enemy damage counter is x30, so be careful of predators. There are also 2 rogues in the area. I left their mutation menus empty so you can do it as you want. Most of them should be compatible, and there are 3 ports to different difficulties to choose from. I think wanderers are disabled, so take care of the immunities!
  9. Here are the starters, now I need to play a bit and create some personalities for them.
  10. Volatile! It’s so fun that it made me laugh for days. XD
  11. I love the idea!! Imagine if you could make your favorite nichelings from the game (probably very simplified) and see them walking around and doing things!
  12. Since the saves has been fixed, I got an idea. Im going to post a save here, anyone who wants to participate can download it and play it. If they want they can do a thread of their own playthrough of the save, so over time each one will have an alternate version of the original timeline. They can do whatever they want on it, will their nichelings evolve to hunters or collectors? Will they go to easier or harder islands? Will they go extinct?
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