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  1. Remaking the profiles of some of my characters. I was thinking of putting it in the niche section but I think at this point they aren’t really Nichelings anymore. Probably more like sci-fi canine/feline creatures, they have a little badge instead of the gems and such.
  2. I will yeet some of my art fight stuff here once it’s time
  3. Fox News trying to ruin anything good and spreading lies like always
  4. Welcome! I did see your drawing in the discord server!
  5. *wheeze* 2021 💀💀💀 I need to make art at some point, maybe I’ll yeet here all my Art Fight stuff once it starts
  6. Yes, press Alt+F4 Why does my female nicheling have such a small peacock tail? Is there something wrong?
  7. I went to i went to sleep and sleep in the last night of the day lol
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