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  1. BASIL Welcome back!!! I'm glad to hear you are doing well! Those were good times; loved the niche beauty contests and the niche wars, still of my favorite SFS memories. If you still remember me, im A-Nicheling (using a new-ish account) who had Poop, Adam the Second, Jyn, and all those silly guys from the wars and hunger games and such. I still remember Purrdolf and Dragon Tear, loved seeing their adventures. I hope you are doing well and enjoy your time back in SFS.
  2. I think otherwise, gems are not part of them. I think Philo once said the gems were an UI feature rather than part of them, and that's why in the old game art they did not have them. But everyone was drawing them like that so it stuck? My Niche-inspired OCs dont have gems for example, tho they have a badge as a reference to them that serves to denote their rank in their scifi world
  3. Crazy how fast time flies Aaaaaaaa
  4. Wonder if this was my old account, there's like 3 closed accounts named "Guest" so no way to be sure. tho I 100% remember seeing this thread being created. Also its been 5 years now? Feels like it was a lot more recent aaaaaa
  5. Updated mine; had changed my username and it broke all the links :cri: If anyone has my old link, it will show as error. Ooof
  6. Each reply adds a sentence (or paragraph if you wish to) that continues the story! Let’s see how far this story goes. Rules: - Must follow the forums rules - No super crazy random stuff (like out of nowhere someone throws a nuke, or something appears or disappears randomly or dies and such) - You can write the replies as long as you wish to! Minimum a sentence, but there’s no maximum. - Your comment must continue the story, no random unconnected stuff. You may however introduce new characters or events (that match the world, like no throwing a Death Star or nuke there or something) Here’s the start! Snowstorm was a cat born during a great blizzard; as they grow up in their community, they found out they had a special skill different from the rest of the cats. Whenever it snowed or was very cold, their eyes would give a blue glow and they could control the snow and ice. They decided to keep their ability secret, scared of accidentally harming someone with it.
  7. Was about to suggest something like it! Had the idea going on in my mind for a very long time. *stretches hands* There could probably be a random chance that whenever you travel to an island, there is already a tribe settled there. (Maybe it would be more likely as island difficulty increases) The tribes would probably act something similar to Adam’s Tribe but they will “reproduce” so that they don’t die out after 25 days. (Always found that kinda sad) They would hunt, gather berries, and such. The idea I had for this to work is that on “settled islands” (gonna call that the islands with npc tribes in them) there would be a new landform called “Nicheling den” which would spawn an NPC tribe 2 gem Nicheling once in a while (spawn rate could depend on difficulty and such to maintain a certain tribe size, would work similar to the rabbit burrow in that sense) I imagine each settled biome would spawn nichelings roughly adapted to their biome (like all Home Island guys have stripes, runner legs, big body, poison fangs and so on) each biome would have their own rough appearance of the Nichelings. The tribe size would depend on how many nicheling dens are spawned when the island first loads. (I imagine there would be a random chance for 1-5 dens to spawn on the island, which would also be determined by island size) The nichelings would be neutral for the most part, tho they will pick up any food the stumble into or take berries from bushes and such. Tho they would turn hostile if you attack them or you attack a Nicheling den. (The Nicheling dens are destroyable) The dens would spawn NPCs at a regular rate (tho I imagine spawn rate would lower in dry times and increase when there’s rain) to maintain the tribe size. If you want to get rid of the tribe completely, you would need to destroy their dens. But this will turn all of them hostile. I imagine that on the other side, you can give food to them (maybe whenever you are in a settled island there would be a bar on top or side of the screen showing “NPC tribe perception” towards your tribe) Giving them food (would work similar to the current “invite” option you get when interacting with a wanderer, but it will just give them food) would increase their perception a small bit, hitting any of them would lower it by a lot, attacking a den would make them instantly hostile. I imagine based on the island difficulty it would be harder to “befriend” them, like giving them food would increase their perception only a tiny bit in a killer island but would make them a lot happier in an easy island. Whenever you first arrive to an settled island, the bar would be at neutral and as you interact with them it would change. (Maybe on more difficult islands the bar would start closer to hostile) If they turn hostile, they would attack you at any chance they have, like Home Island Nichelings. In neutral they would generally avoid you but steal any food. If you manage to get them up to friendly perception you can start inviting them to your tribe! (Their genes are roughly adapted to their biome so it could be helpful in some cases) Tho I imagine it would require significantly more food to invite them than to invite a random wanderer. Tho the NPC nichelings will always be competing with you for food; so in islands with scarce food, you might instead want to get rid of them. Up to the player since either choice will have its benefits and difficulties. An NPC tribe is eliminated once all their dens are destroyed, they stop spawning more and they would gradually die out like current Home nichelings. I imagine once this happens, the perception bar disappears and any survivors would turn into regular wanderers. (you can see I had this idea on my mind for a long time lol)
  8. I’ve noticed if I write “: )” (without the space) it changes it automatically to is there a way to disable this? Happens with a lot of other stuff as well and I find it pretty annoying
  9. Your art keeps getting more and more cool nice work! *steals art* /j
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