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  1. (I use mobile too! XD SFS mobile squad!) You need to get another bluebird to take Adam, it will fly him back home. Why can’t I get into the water in this burning island?! Help!!!1!!
  2. Take them to Chernobyl Can I get insect wings in niche?
  3. There’s the a magic spell called Alt+F4, deals with all your problems! I’m bored of the game, what challenge can I do?
  4. You can make a terrain with pretty hills maybe
  5. I participated in the 2020 edition, time for secret Santa 2022! My good ol sona Adam the Second. You can draw him niche-like or more sci-fi if you like. Preferably with his badge instead of gems, but if you prefer you can do those. https://artfight.net/character/1521300.adam-the-second I can be an emergency Santa ^^
  6. Welcome to the suffering we call stray fawn studio forums
  7. Ooooooo, love the colors and the shading! ^^
  8. No, that was just made up by Disney What does the bearyena cub do?
  9. Also a lot of the original members have left. I know Renio, Silverhowl, Magicmoons, and Aetherskye are in discord now and don’t come here or if they do they just lurk around. Georgie only comes around sporadically. Idk what’s been of Bostonlobstah, last saw them in discord well over a year ago. Idk what’s been of that other mod that had the tiger pfp, I forgot their name nuuuu. Basil just stopped coming online one day and never came back :’ ( Idk what’s been of a bunch of the other members since I was away from SFS a couple times too
  10. The state of things: /j /lh Old SFS was kinda like hell but fun
  11. Niche art, discussion, and rp are mostly dead. Aside from a sporadic post once in a while *sadge*
  12. I went through my 20 images dkdjejsksjej
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