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  1. It's a bit of a hassle when I have to copy a setting's settings. Maybe there could be a button to Duplicate?
  2. I usually only exalt dragons after they had babies (sometimes it takes 42857842985 clutches before I do)
  3. GIVE First and second one or only one of them?
  4. Amanda dropped some more treats on the ground and backed away slightly
  5. Amanda placed some of the treats on the ground
  6. Amanda took the treats and showed them to the cat
  7. Bloom moved blooms hand closer again, but more slowly
  8. Sometimes, the Burning Savanna spawns with a smaller island near it. This island is disconnected to the mainland and, since you can't swim, it's unreachable without flying
  9. I remember that pigeons and doves are the same species
  10. Hey guys, We are officially focusing on Elves now Imagine if someone suggests something
  11. "Where are you going?!" Chelsea exclaimed. The stray cat noticed you when you were 3 feet away. It hissed at you. -Go closer -Back to friends -Other Amanda turned to look at blooms friends "Kitty." Then knelt down and slowly moved blooms hand closer to the cat
  12. Putting this here so I remember it Elf and Avia 175 Fairy 170 Dryad 180 Faun 150 Storm Giant 210
  13. Oh btw the species information doc contains a description of the common traits of the species (does this phrase even make sense)
  14. I have read SCP-002 through 472 at the time of posting
  15. That's a small amount for 11 hours
  16. I want to play the Sims 3 but I lost the code to use the Pets expansion 😔
  17. Amanda ditched blooms friends for the stray, possibly rabid, cat
  18. Fun fact: I made the second skin for actually no reason since that design won't be used *pain* Do i recolro
  19. Share music with me, I need more variety that isn't Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco
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