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  1. He laughed. Then he was suddenly in front of you He looked at Tristan. "Very well."
  2. (please stop) He stopped and turned his head to look at you. He looked absolutely terrifying "Oh, I can't?"
  3. "Indeed, that is a wish we share!" He waved at Tristan "Make sure the drakey doesn't do more crimes for me!" he jogged away
  4. "Nice to meet you, I'm..." He rotated his index finger while looking at it intensely "...Magnus."
  5. "Ah! The criminal and the... other one! Who is the other one? Is there another one? Oh, I'm rambling again. I do it a lot when I met someone new- Ugh." He untilted his head and looked at his gloved hand "Your name? If you're comfortable." He grinned again
  6. The man tilted his head "Well, haven't seen you around before. Right?"
  7. Or at least say where you got the idea
  8. I still think you should tell Polly first
  9. Beer is Modeer's son. Swagbuck was probably killed because he flirted with Modeer
  10. "Hey." A weird young man stood in front of Tristan, grinning wolfishly. He was also kinda hot.
  11. #FFA500 #013220 #800080 #00008b #808080 #654321
  12. (that kidnapping thing isnt a thing, a character im introducing soon stopped it)
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