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  1. Dream is Marionette??? (NO CLICKBAIT)
  2. "Yes, I will this once." She narrowed her eyes
  3. Is it... Done??????????????????' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-24-Nov-2021-094824823.html
  4. Another, sturdier net was thrown over you
  5. Several guards proceeded to circle you
  6. "Give that back! I have a family to feed!"
  7. Modiano

    eppers spawn day

  8. Why is Marionette making Tommy eat cake
  9. "Thief!" Shouted the baker "That way." The stranger pointed left
  10. I'm not great with wikis, though if someone were to use the information here to better the wiki I'd be okay with it
  11. Modiano

    eppers spawn day

    Oh frick it's tomotrrow
  12. It's still not done, and im currently checking if Hammer-Tailfin is a matrilineal gene in terms of dominance
  13. Genetics Head Gene Dominance Derp Snout Short Nose Big Nose Cracker Jaw (recessive to sticky tongue) Poison Fangs Platypus Beak Gills Sticky Tongue (dominant to Cracker Jaw) Bat Head (recessive to Sabertooth Fangs) Purr Snout Sabertooth Fangs (dominant to Bat Head) Digging Trunk Bird Beak Bearyena Snout Body Gene Dominance Medium Body Lean Body Water Body Spiky Body (but recessive to Toxic Body) Big Body Toxic Body (but dominant to Spiky Body) Armored Body Heat Body Tail Gene Dominance Medium Tail Swimming Tail Fishing Tail Stinky Tail Tailfin-Hammer Tail (Tail gene inherited from mother is dominant) Scorpion Tail Peacock Tail Hindleg Gene Dominance Normal Hindlegs Webbed Hindlegs Bearyena Hindlegs Horn Gene Dominance No Horns Ram Horns Savanna Horns Antlers Megaloceros Horns Antenna Ear Gene Dominance Medium Ears Big Ears Round Ears (Most dominant if inherited from mother) Bearyena Ears Eye Color Dominance Black Eyes Brown Eyes Yellow Eyes Green Eyes Blue Eyes Purple Eyes (dominant over Yellow if inherited from mother) Orange Eyes Eyesight Dominance Normal Eyesight Shortsighted Blind Marking Gene Dominance No Pattern Dots Mask Stripes Other Animals Bearyena Movement Range: 2 tiles per turn Turns per Night: 2 Eyesight: 5 Smelling: 5 Attack: 3 Killer Bearyena Movement Range: 2 Turns per Night: 2 Eyesight: 3 Smelling: 3 Attack: 5 Defense: 3 Balance Bear Peaceful Bear Arctic Ramfox Movement Range: 2 Turns per Night; 2 Eyesight: 5 Cold Resistance: 1 (does not actually do anything) Walrus Deer The Three Apes
  14. Another guard was watching you closely, a vendor was advertising his goods, folks chatted peacefully, Ren was checking a food stall... Wait... How did Ren get here before our heroes? Hadn't he gone the opposite way? And did he get a haircut in the meantime?
  15. They're all genetically accurate!
  16. So, The Mothverse discord has been deleted Development of this and Shadowfalls will take place in another server dedicated to worldbuilding
  17. I managed to make the Modeer pfp a reaction in a discord server 😌

  18. Yeah I was going to make it the same style as the one earlier but then xey became penk
  19. I need clout react to these Ms paint monstrosities plz /lh 🥺
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