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  1. This is the only one I have on my phone
  2. If Toriel V tries to take over do we ally against him
  3. Mosspaw should be a tortie- (fun fact, my keyboard wanted to change tortie to torture. So very true). Is Floodshadow masking red? Well actually Rowanbloom wouldn't be red anyway. /LH (Do you want me to stop screaming about genetic accuracy?)
  4. Who terraformed the mountain MY HOUSE IS BUILT ON???
  5. sam i allowed to remove the obsidain? it's kinda in the way
  6. idk? There's just random obisdian and the island has obviously been blown up
  7. Why is Star's sky island blown up?
  8. Why is there a random obsidian statue in front of my house?
  9. Ok, Has someone found my secret are and planted random dirt blocks and a row of torches?
  10. Well gonna go on and make sure everything is ready
  11. I can do it tomorrow dont worry
  12. Unsure, my parents wouldnt let me
  13. Maybe I shpuld actually finish the skin for lore instead of playing niche (pretty lucky DH tho)
  14. Not sure. I have to go to "work" on monday so I probably shouldn't stay up late
  15. "Glad to be of service." He waved at our heroes and walked off in the opposite direction
  16. It's not done yet but have this monstrosity. If you see any cat with white shading on their head tell me their name aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-20-Nov-2021-101154196.html
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