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  1. Four autistic disguised aliens try to live among humans secretly as basically superheroes, immediately get busted by ten year old and adopted by his family, cue them saving the island from daily horrible disaster number three, Jules Verne is a time traveler but this is glossed over (show)
  2. Number one is Beyond Two Souls! Last one is Elden Ring Fourth one is Bloodborne maybe?
  3. "The lord of darkness just became our roommate" "What's he eating?" "Condensed evil. It's supposedly low in fat"
  4. Pokemon and warrior cats for the first two idk about the dog
  5. 3: Subnautica 4: The Last of Us 5: I KNOW what this is but i forgor the name 6: Gingersnaps?
  6. About 200 war criminals* and a janitor go on a road trip I mean err on a journey to find a new home for their species, immediately proceed to make everyone think they died at launch for like two years till they start a Skype call after stopping amnesiac god #3 from committing genocide also they unknowingly duplicated themselves and one of the duplicated crews dies horribly because a theater kid did drugs, the drugs exist because of time travel btw, a scientist accidentally creates the multiverse while trying to stop another scientist from time traveling, DO NOT ENTER THE BASEMENT, everyone has died at least once except the midwife, there are two endings one of them everyone is depressed except three dudes in the other they go if it sucks it da bricks and straight up ditch the universe (Comic) *The therapist may not have committed war crimes we cannot be certain
  7. Oh clocktower! I remember it from the creepy bad endings series on YouTube and actually was reminded of it but forgor what it was called lmao
  8. The moor would have peat tiles which would have a chance to randomly set a fire every day which would spread to the other peat tiles (maybe this could be after a potential lightning storm ignites a peat vein. Peat fires are persistent)
  9. Have some guys I drew they're for pancake Cariddi Elspeth and Catboy who might be called Alexander
  10. Hello gamers nerfs and nerds I am here to announce that I am still hyperfixating on transformers and also I started watching Ninjago they are so silly
  11. First one is Life is Strange, third one is Final Destination, sixth one is What Remains of Edith Finch, seventh one is Silent Hill? Lethal Company
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