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  1. I have forgotten several of these
  2. My plan to make slugcats in niche to get back to the game did not go as planned. Your goal is for a nicheling to reach Karma 10 and ascend. Reach this goal by having one nicheling eat from 4 different healing fruits. Sounds simple, right? Well, you have to survive first SETUP Lifespans: up to you (long lifespan advised) Resources: 100+ food, no nesting material You cannot disable predators, permanent nests, healing fruits or leeches This challenge will require dice rolls Any number of starter nichelings Any island except easy ones, crossing and home slander Toxic body is not allowed, if a nicheling is born with it do not let it breed RULES If a nicheling is not on or in movement range of a shelter (nest) or echo (healing fruit), you must roll for whether they survive the rain 1-50 The nicheling found shelter 51-100 The nicheling was killed by the rain (This rule will go in effect the day after the first permanest is found) (Crafted nests function as temporary shelters) If a dodomingo sits on a nest or is right beside it, that nest is unusable and will not count as a shelter Whenever a vulture (bluebird) spawns, roll at the start of the day to see which type it is Normal island roll 1-60 Vulture 61-90 King Vulture 91-100 Miros Vulture Snowy island roll 1-40 Vulture 41-60 King Vulture 61-100 Miros Vulture Next, assign a number to every animal, meat pile and skeleton in your nichelings' field of vision and roll which creature the vulture attacks (Miros Vultures only target nichelings and normal vultures cannot attack killer bearyenas). If a living creature is chosen, roll to see if the vulture succeeds 1-60 the vulture fails to snatch its prey 1-40 the vulture successfully snatches its prey (kill/banish creature) This roll must be made for every day the vulture is in the sky (8 days if not damaged iirc). If a nicheling is sickly, roll to see if it is Rot 1-70 the nicheling is just ill 71-100 the nicheling is Rot This applies to both wanderers and nichelings that are born If a Rot nicheling infects one of your nichelings, roll to see what happens 1-50 the nicheling evades the Rot 51-100 the Rot consumes If it's a rainy day, that means it's a shelter failure cycle. Any nest your nichelings are sheltering in cannot be used today If a nicheling is hit by a predator, roll to see if it's a oneshot (even if a predator hits the same nicheling twice, roll only once) 1-80 it's just a flesh wound 81-100 it's a death blow If a nicheling is attacked by a leech while in the water, roll to see if it drowns 1-70 the nicheling shakes off the leeches 71-100 the leeches drown the nicheling (If a nicheling with underwater breathing rolls for drowning, just don't move them for the day) I'll add some stuff later, make sure this isn't easy
  3. Happy pride btw 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️
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