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  1. Yeah, It will be much better under the h.m.e. (why are we bringing this here?)
  2. You can use the status effect command (using a couple commands won't corrupt your save)
  3. Toby writes a series of Bible-themed troll stories. Toby, Toby and Toby troll them, so Toby kills Toby off. Toby then claims to be Toby's brother, then Toby claims that Toby's brother is dead and that he was posing as him the entire time. Toby keeps hacking into Toby's accounts and deleting storiedìs, and finally Toby confesses to being Toby and Toby confesses to being toby.
  4. Oxygen is drowning, I'm not sure about the others, TIME TO EXPERIMENT ON WANDERERS
  5. But... what reason would they have? (hint: I have never used the mutation menu)
  6. Ageing predator (bleeding chance) hunger cactus poison playeranimal (bleeding chance) sickness thornes wound (Bleeding chance?) oxygen parasite cold fire sleeping sickness coconut
  7. Bloomkit and Whitetail are the only ones with it. Do you really think it would be that obvious? (Hint: It was dark)
  8. Only damage types that could make a nicheling bleed normally have a chance to (ex. poison gives no bleed, carnivorous plant does). If you need someone to bleed, you can use addstatuseffect
  9. Bloomkit, she's a child
  10. I let my character die, then brought her back (losing her mary-sue abilities)
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