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  1. Bumble's clawed hands are actually incorporeal
  2. I should, like, actually work on Bumble
  3. Modiano


    Since Cornix broke canon, Avia characters can be made freely. Not that anyone is even making characters in the first place, or suggesting things umpropted /nm
  4. Cornix (he/him). Thanks for breaking lore Cornix! Leader of a thieves' guild, leads his underlings with grace and poise
  5. Ashodelphia (ae/aer). Veteran mage who looks younger due to magic. Aer right eye crystallized due to, you guessed it, magic
  6. Bob He/him (yeah that one)
  7. Bad news: Ream's wife despawned
  8. Good news, Mayor Ream got married
  9. gjag fksgn leagini it doesnt let me type § on books for formatting ebfaku fionuioav
  10. I still have to write the book
  11. Old York now has secrets. Okay it always had those but-
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