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  1. I don't think it's possible, since you'd have to go into the files.
  2. Oh also here is this woman she's not an attack she's mine i just wanted to post
  3. 👀 (I will ship until gay cats get married)
  4. Geoff the man the myth the legend the first attack
  5. I just realized my art style is cartoony I. Just. Realized.
  6. The more time passes the more i want ro destroy
  7. It's the site that's lagging (I spent two hours trying to sort my characters... I only have FIVE)
  8. Their sibling was older than them so unless you ARE their older sibling it's not you.
  9. Ok probably not because I'm pretty the person you remind me of has a sibling with a name similar to yours so that'd be odd
  10. Yes but not encouraged (because internet)
  11. Idk everyone looks the same to me??? Are from Rome???
  12. Sei una brutta persona qualche volta 😔
  13. Going to follow you as soon as artfight starts working again (tho I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw your characters :sob:)
  14. Evil gay lawful soldier needs a new wife probably
  15. You look like someone i know????
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