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  1. Ah yes, the time i stole a children's whiteboard
  2. 67538,Bristle:puddle,male,elder,elder,empathetic,None ,None ,None ,TwoColour,PALEGINGER,True,short,2,4,8,3,YELLOW,False,TUXEDO,None,RED,formerly a kittypet,None,THREE,122,None,False,None,SPIKESBOW,7,0,None,None
  3. Yo, new update just dropped
  4. Uhm, did you take the egg pics from the site itself? Because some have hatched and others died... I suggest taking them from the wiki instead
  5. Okay, sorry for doubting that. You just seemed to act way differently
  6. But you said had forgotten your login, did you remember?
  7. For some reason my profile shows the Lindwyrm image attached to this post what
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