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    You still haven't accepted the gift
  2. Modiano


    @BirbMaster i sent you a teenager
  3. Modiano


    You can choose one if you want (albino, mela and higher stat doggos are unavailable) https://www.wolvden.com/den/39621
  4. Modiano


    Can I send a wolf?
  5. "Maybe it's in a jewelry box or in a drawer." Alayne bit back a retort about how she obviously wouldn't know where it was
  6. "Yeah!" Alayne rushed to the princess' side, silently wondering why Jasomething didn't know how to dress apparently
  7. Ma'am, i did not give you permission to draw my characters to aid your procrastination of study just for you to not use this opportunity /lh
  8. "I forgot Riley is also a prince... Uh." Alayne thought about the fact that she forgot important facts about her employers
  9. Mint Argan Aloe Pineapple Dryad Nymph Satyr Leaf Honeydew Passionfruit Mandrake
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