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  1. It says it's a draft article, try to upload it to the world
  2. I forgot to add that they can have fertile offspring with basically any sentient species because... ... ... ... There's 17 of them and they're probably cousins
  3. Species Name: Dmitrisean Appearence: Varying, constant traits are black hair/fur/feather and bright eyes. They are shapeshifters. Diet: Omnivore Habitat: Currently in a Tundra Abilities: Shapeshifting, slightly stronger than a human, usually good at magic (last one can be omitted, just adding all there is) Behavior: Dmitriseans usually stick to two forms: Birth form (the one they were born as obv) and True Form (the one they create for themselves and makes them most comfortable). They get very angry when the two forms are mixed up. The forms may rarely be the same. They usually live in sibling pairs and tend to stay away from other relatives. Dmitriseans are long-lived and hard to kill. Sentient (yes or no): yes Population: 17~
  4. Mh, joining (*cries about own worldbuilding hell scape*)
  5. What do you think of the Star Trek Enterprise theme song
  6. What do you think of this emoji: 🤓
  7. Have sibling pair . Girl has Pumpkaboo palette, boy has Cherry Soda. If you can draw them together use the Without A Heart palette (symbolism go brrr)
  8. What do you think of the war between the Camel Riders and President Cactus?
  9. ma'am that's basically all my characters' story
  10. No why do you look human
  11. I read "Dog is pain"
  12. They're glass eyes obviously smh /lh
  13. No he's not blind, he has no eyes
  14. Is Dogpaw related to Eyeless Dash
  15. Star Trek Enterprise theme song go brrrrrrrrr
  16. Welcome back! (I swear i saw that frog somewhere...)
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