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  1. I don't know By looking for people with degrees?
  2. One of my OC's is a sentient humidity spot. That has the properties of a radio. Because of course
  3. How are you planning to move the animatronics around, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Goth vampire Muriel is a thing and it's the best thing i drew. Of course it is
  5. "Now that the head is pickling, we can focus on the body!"
  6. THat's not what I meant? You do know where most D-classes are found in canon, right?
  7. Back home, can do lore whenever
  8. The amount of teenaged d-classes is already worrying /j
  9. You're right, why shouldn't i watch dolls get decapitated?
  10. I agree, though i guess he's already a goth. Probably also a vampire
  11. Modiano


    I second this, it makes me uncomfortable
  12. For some reason, while I was scrolling through the page, my brain thought it was Detective Void
  13. It's summer, I'm waiting for when it's a cooler temperature
  14. I can @ you to for eternity if that helps /hj
  15. Actually,it just hates Dayn. His children died in front of him
  16. Of course not, there's also no internet. I'll be back home when it's not as warm
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