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    18 more pages 'til 200 (if this creates a new page...)
  2. Modiano


    Uhhhh... Even more Dogg?
  3. Silvi's Lair (silverdrak.de) Egg Drop Soup (greg-kennedy.com)
  4. find one and simply type in either your username or the eggs' code. I could link you some?
  5. Have you put your eggs in a hatch site? They'll die otherwise
  6. (Team Bravespirit [I'm not creative today])
  7. Cuddles, if you hate me so much, why do you keep staying near me?
  8. (Oh no) Hey Angel, I have been stuck in this bunker for a while, you don't happen to know a way out?
  9. @alex602h the egg has healed, sending it
  10. Uh, Celestial dragon eggs look different on mobile
  11. Angels are fireproof! *whispers to Chiyanna* Come this way!
  12. The egg is sick at the moment, I'll send it when it heals
  13. Oi, anyone wants a magi dragon?
  14. Right-click on the tile you want the nicheling to go while selected. You may need to click a few times or a bit away from it to work
  15. Can you see if the group I highlighted is visible?
  16. It looks like it was painted to me
  17. Me too *backs away before Cuddles can stab her and zigzags to avoid being shot*
  18. Yeah, It will be much better under the h.m.e. (why are we bringing this here?)
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