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  1. Hey nerds 😎 https://toyhou.se/Modiano
  2. I got verified, as soon as I get a code and make an account I'll ask for a code for you
  3. You'll have to wear religious symbols while playing 😔 /j
  4. Cherrykit, because they bloom for a brief time but are still beautiful, like her
  5. Yeah it's Velaryon again (he changed a bit) It looks terrible because i did it on my phone for the first time. He could be named Alyn or Ryon instead. Mountain Group. Loves water
  6. I found a link to a toy house discord where they give codes
  7. Here's her fam members in case you want to name her (not that I'm telling you the way names work, you have to figure it out because) Gallus Arsène Cadmus Argan Palladin Osmas Iris Rhennes Aurelius Cuprumi Platuna Hydargyriam
  8. Modiano

    OC Storage

    Name: Aelora (surname will be added) Gender: female Pronouns: she her Sexuality and romantic: lesbian Appearance: Other: Dragonrider, last of her family line after the Doom of Valyria Universes: A Song of Ice and Fire, dnd lmao
  9. Modiano

    OC Storage

    Name: ??? Gender: female Pronouns: she Sexuality and romantic: panromantic Appearance: Other: Gallus'... Niece? Great-niece? Has pretty much no powers despite her heritage Universes: Dnd
  10. because of my naming style of her family, i still havent gone thorugh the really simple process
  11. Thoughts? Maybe even what you think their story is
  12. You join first, you have friended both of us
  13. And if they ask why we are calling it a clan, Bloodclan
  14. how did it even start with 2 total conversion mods active
  15. forgot to turn off elder scrolls mod lmao
  16. okay so i checked and thatd be 11pm for me 3pm maybe. 6pm-3am is when i cant play because sleep
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