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  1. i think the latest i could get away with is 5pm est but im not sure exactly
  2. I can play any day except the ninth since it's my birthday and there will probably be some kind of something happening
  3. actually ill just spend hours making ocs
  4. time to play solo dnd like the socialble person i am
  5. i meant as in who wants to do it instead
  7. wait how is the mask winking-
  8. Was it updating something when you restarted it?
  9. Keep it charging, keep the power button pressed for a while (though wait for it to charge more)
  10. So no one is interested in what I'm writing
  11. I have an idea for a story based Niche playthrough but I don't think i can do it Anyone interested?
  12. Velaryon groaned, annoyed at having lost part of the day. She went to see if there were any skirmishes
  13. Velaryon ignored it as she dozed off
  14. Velaryon rolled onto her back to look at the birds
  15. Velaryon yawned and exited the den to lay in the sun
  16. Velaryon stretched and went to her den to sleep
  17. Modiano

    OC Storage

    Name: Velaryon Gender: male Pronouns: she/her sea/seas Sexuality and romantic: likes women ig Appearance: Other: Leo's kid. Definitely not the reincarnation of Alyn 'Oakenfist' Velaryon Universes: Cattails
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