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  1. It's not that they're having kits because they like someone, but because Starclan said so. I think you should restart, maybe with 1 day pregnancy. Then you could roll for a litter between 1 to 4, 1 you wait 3 days before giving birth, 2 for 2, and immediately for 3 and 4. Then you can make them all the same age. As for an island, i feel that Swampy Hills would be better. Or Grass Mingle, I swear that island has strategically placed swamps-
  2. There's also Wyverns and Leviathans as a sapient species but who cares
  3. Well you see, I was going to do it even if no one answered. I asked because I didn't want people left out
  4. So, government. Most elves live in the kingdom of *insert name* Storm Giants live in small tribes scattered throughout the mountains. Fairies just kinda live wherever they want. Nondaemons just live in basements ig
  5. Yes, I'm making an rp for something that's unfinished. Join up there's a reason for this premature thing. Btw you can't be a human Character form Name: Gender: Pronouns: Appearance: Sexuality (optional): Species: Available species Elf Faun Fairy Avia Aviarians Storm Giant Nondaemon Any hybrid of these Restrictions: Fairies cannot be male. Storm Giant halfbloods usually live with that part of the family Wait thats it?
  6. I suppose you could reread them, since i changed some things (I swear I sent this earlier?? Lag?)
  7. Zix is SCP-035???? Polly no that's a bad idea- /j
  8. I don't care if they need "Mountainclan's strength" they should break up right away. And if Fernstar is so worried about that, she can have his kits. He's been throwing red flags left and right!
  9. @Chiyanna please remove your confused and laughing reactions, it's actually annoying me /nm. I changed them anyway Also you didn't ask questions even though you were confused?
  10. Time to go back to editing my estabilished oc page
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