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  1. Terpsichore Hippomene Samani Mirynna Io?
  2. It's a bit of a hassle when I have to copy a setting's settings. Maybe there could be a button to Duplicate?
  3. I usually only exalt dragons after they had babies (sometimes it takes 42857842985 clutches before I do)
  4. GIVE First and second one or only one of them?
  5. Amanda dropped some more treats on the ground and backed away slightly
  6. Amanda placed some of the treats on the ground
  7. Amanda took the treats and showed them to the cat
  8. Bloom moved blooms hand closer again, but more slowly
  9. Sometimes, the Burning Savanna spawns with a smaller island near it. This island is disconnected to the mainland and, since you can't swim, it's unreachable without flying
  10. I remember that pigeons and doves are the same species
  11. Hey guys, We are officially focusing on Elves now Imagine if someone suggests something
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