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  1. I am sorry, that was my mistake. I took my information from the niche wiki since I could not access the game, and I thought it was accurate.
  2. Gills, saber tooth fangs and purr snout have big noses, and they have no smelling, so I assume the reason for this was to balance out their already powerful +2 underwater breathing, +2 strength and +1 purring. Even if derp snout had just +1 distasteful appearance like I suggested, it would still be useful, but probably not enough to justify removing smelling.
  3. I wish we could have them all, but I will be happy regardless of what is chosen. I look forward to hearing the results!
  4. Perhaps mane types could work by giving it a new gene slot and disabling it for females?
  5. I like the idea of horn growth, and I imagine that if you did not know your baby nichelings had horns it would be quite a surprise.
  6. Like Pokestardragacraft said, blind nichelings could still move by smelling and hearing, so this would not be a problem after all. It is well documented that standing underneath a tree during a thunderstorm is dangerous, since lightning often strikes tall objects. If you are standing underneath a tree when it is struck by lightning, you could be electrocuted or hit by the explosion, and many animals are killed this way. I would like a strong winds weather type, and I agree that it would reduce smelling. If new weather types are implemented into the game, perhaps I will suggest it as an addition, but right now I do not want to add any more than three, or it might become too much work for the developers.
  7. Yes, this would actually work perfectly. Blind nichelings could still move by smelling and hearing, and the same effect could be applied in fog. It would only be temporary anyways, so at the most it would just be a minor inconvenience.
  8. Since the more customization options for sandbox mode thread has so many upvotes, I think it is almost certain to be implemented into the game, in which case new weather types could be a toggleable feature. Whether or not to include new weather types in story mode, like Skysplash8 said, would probably be up to the developers to decide. I actually did not consider this, and I do not know what to do about it. Reduced sight is such an important part of fog, and being without it would be a shame. Even if the reduced sight was -1 instead of -2, it would still render shortsighted nichelings blind. Should it just not reduce sight at all?
  9. While playing version 1.1.4 of Niche, I invited a nicheling into my tribe with the scorpion tail, and noticed in the family tree that it is misaligned on the model. Is this intentional?
  10. Islands usually have plenty of trees, so I think this would only be a problem for larger tribes. Unfortunately, there is nothing else to use for shelter. Hail does have an advantage, however, and that is that it would have a chance to affect other animals and not just your own, leading to some interesting situations.
  11. I think this would be the best solution.
  12. I think the fur colors for nichelings actually are realistic, at least in the sense that they all appear in nature (except for pink). They are too bright, however, which may give them the appearance of being unrealistic, when in actuality I think it is just the game's style.
  13. This would be a welcome change that would give more value to the water genes. I would also like to see a coral reef island, which I imagine would be mostly water and really challenge your nichelings to adapt.
  14. I am already aware of that thread, and I am suggesting a change to wild female nichelings, not the addition of rogue females.
  15. Currently, wild pregnant female nichelings wander around the world and never have their babies. Instead, once pregnant, they should seek out the nearest nest, and stay there until their baby is born the next day. The baby would be born wild instead of automatically being invited into the tribe, and would follow their mother like the friendly bearyenas do. This would offer good story potential for reuniting with your lost child, and could potentially save a tribe if you do not have food to invite the wild female nicheling with.
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