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  1. spagetti snake


    TODAY IS A NEW DAY YAAAAAAAY A NEW DAY it shall be a new day... TODAY
  2. how did this turn into different climates discussion
  3. yup its fall its freezing
  4. I think I got a spider bite so now I am just sitting thinking of my life choices and I am nervous
  5. thank you A Nicheling Tom Stinkbuggington Von Volatile shall always be remembered here
  6. sad news, tom died. they drowned in their water bowl. and she had eggs so press f in chat for tom
  7. today I re did tom, stench, and odors cage/pot and I think they like the oranges I gave them. they are so cute
  8. only the people who were with me believe me
  9. me and three of my friends saw something in the woods, it wasn't human. it was in the trees watching us, when we ran it followed, I heard breathing and when I turned, there was nothing there. we came back with supplies but we were to scared to go back in so we watched the woods through a fence and I saw a head, it was in a tree, it looked dead, its eyes facing the ground. I will never go back in those woods again please share if you have ever seen a monster or write what you think of this. I know this is dark but it happened earlier today and I want to vent about it.
  10. the two other names were chosen, they are stench and odor stench is the boy and odor is the girl so now there is a trio TOM STENCH AND ODOR
  11. my first favorite color was orange like in kindergarten
  12. mine is the color red for BLOOD MWAHAHA ;3 lol
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