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  1. i guess im nonbinary? i dont really care about what gender im called please tell me if this is actually another lgbt thing
  2. That was actually helpful (In serious what you said before I changed it was helpful)
  3. I'm not posting here anymore before people start making me ists or phobes
  4. Name: G r e g God: Zasder Gender: 17 Age: Male Sexuality: Straight Appearance: Mostly blue outfit, make up the rest i cant think right now
  5. eebee

    emoji cats

    🇧🇻♦️🧊🥊💎🥼 I was thinking of colors
  6. Green told me about it on roblox
  7. eebee

    Loophole Genie

    I wish stray fawn would stop giving me notifications for roleplays
  8. People are gonna make me say horrible things
  9. I thought it was classwork!
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