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    charlie, how silly are you (any term of measurement)
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    Eebee Homethread 2

    (joke) 9 benadryls.mp4
  3. "Ok, since people dont even notice i'm here, i'm just gonna-" *jumps out window* He has various cuts and scratches
  4. I started but I. gonna do it tomorrow bc it's tiring for me rn because it's a complicated character
  5. ok one last question, the possessed emotion has more of a soulless stare, you still want fine?
  6. ok, since youre the actual first one, i will draw this, but do you still want fine or a different one
  7. i cant read descriptions im sorry im postponing it a lot but i need a drawing aaaaa
  8. i forgot to mention i cant do animals because the poses are human sorry
  9. (warning i suck) i have gained a new random obsession with the sims emotion system so i will draw your oc with these styles just name the emotion and send an oc and i will draw (only humans or humanoids) 🔲The Queue🔳 Lizardcake YourLocalStranger
  10. "Finally at school. Hopefully everyone here isnt horrifying too"
  11. "Who are these people?, they're all so... horrifying. I don't wanna be here anymore" He curs into a ball under the seats.
  12. "WHAT?!?!? WAS THAT DAD?!?!?! ok i have to get to school n o w, or else im going to go insane.)
  13. "AGHGDAHGSD, i'm so used to color, the absence is sickening. gray everywhere! i have to see my doctor AND therapist BLUGEGH"
  14. Borb: indeed. C!eevee: aljdhflakjhdflkjhasf. R!eevee: mhm, mhm, got that, mhm. Borb: What in the name of forty six english biscuits is this? Indigo: What the french seal?
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