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  1. Uuuh my ocd is causing me to do dangerous things

    I got a new treadmill and my mind wants me to go on a high setting and stop moving. So I did because I don't wanna have an undone thing and got injured



  2. Hi I uuuh moved homethreads

  3. Sad

    1. GreenTheGreat
    2. eebee


      just about everything that happened at school, had to write a lot in social studies, kid cut in front of me in line when it was my turn to be in front, same kid insulted me and called me a crybaby

    3. GreenTheGreat


      that's just how kids at school be, it sucks

  4. To her followers.


    J O I N

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cozy Fawn

      Cozy Fawn

      i dont care its annoying

    3. Cozy Fawn

      Cozy Fawn

      im not trying to be rude, sorry

    4. Apollo


      its okay it was nbd

  5. Please do @eebee if you are talking about me when we aren’t already talking together

    it makes me feel special and it feels like I get attention which I like 

  6. Time Kepper real!!?!?!!?!!!?!

    1. cookie


      yes thats me

    2. cookie


      you are a fan yes

  7. [cant delete posts on profiles sooo deleted]


    1. sollati
    2. sollati


      eevee please delete this, it should say options below your posts and you can delete your post from there

  8. in your rank it says "massive simp for garcello)

    why are you simping over a dead person

    (j o k e)

    1. takoyamaaaS


      1. because why not
      2. wait what did I do
      3. why is it numbering this
  9. random thing but milk

  10. Me in friday night funkin

    friday night funk.png

    1. eebee


      Hard level: legit impossible. My theme.


    2. eebee


      Watch this content of me sucking at a roblox fnf game

  11. Came across this on yt


  12. Hello!

    1. GreenTheGreat
    2. GreenTheGreat


      why did it just give me the notification for this today?..

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