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  1. 31 minutes ago, GreenTheGreat said:

    As the day went on, you went to classes.

    The phantom people continued phasing in and out of existence.

    People still didn't notice you were there, getting marked absent and never getting called on, despite raising your hand.

    "Ok, since people dont even notice i'm here, i'm just gonna-" *jumps out window*

    He has various cuts and scratches

  2. 9 hours ago, GreenTheGreat said:


    The bus was filled with phantom-like people, phasing in and out of existence with the reflections of the windows. They seemed to not know about your very being, ignoring anything you said or did.

    As you ride on the bus though this almost fake-seeming word, you pass a person running from a horrifying creature, with a bone-like stature and face ripped off.

    As well as this, you see another person run out into the open, fear plastered across their one-eyed face.

    They were like you, walking in the grey area, whereas the phantom-people couldn't.

    "Who are these people?, they're all so... horrifying. I don't wanna be here anymore" He curs into a ball under the seats.

  3. 6 minutes ago, BirbMaster said:

    Borb, if you are indeed a borb, can I pet you? Borbs are soft.

    Borb: indeed.


    6 minutes ago, lizardcake said:

    to all:


    C!eevee: aljdhflakjhdflkjhasf.
    R!eevee: mhm, mhm, got that, mhm.

    Borb: What in the name of forty six english biscuits is this?

    Indigo: What the french seal?

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