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  1. might not be able to fight this weekemd
  2. day 10: kendall (pancake) I have been drawing pancakes characters for a while but that's because they have like 80 characters
  3. gonna hide loss in every single one of my fights from now on
  4. day 9: zipper (pancake) I like drawing pancakes characters btw I have hidden loss in 2 fights so far
  5. day 8: caviar (pancake)
  6. day 7: nyx (gree)
  7. devious little goober
  8. I feel like I'm missing out on the chaos
  9. day 6: doodle persona (pancake again, but this time I found out how revenge works)
  10. thanks for attacking me green
  11. southern hemisphere moment
  12. day 5: Joshua canis (pancake again)
  13. thank you for attacking me pancake
  14. my artfight https://artfight.net/~EebeetheEebee
  15. day 4: pancake real (pancake)
  16. every summer I will do a forum game decided by you guys, it will be a team thing kind of like art fight (kind of inspired) you can decide what to do and the teams. I'm thinking there will be a bunch of challenges for a week and 4 teams, decide the teams, decide the challenges, the top 10 with the most reactions wins, go
  17. day 3: scorch (BirbMonster)
  18. day 2: icky rust (gree)
  19. day one: dain (cookie)
  20. eebee


    attack me yippee https://artfight.net/~EebeetheEebee
  21. eebee


    why did it come when I dint wanna draw 😭
  22. did I drew good 

    I'm trying to get my art to as many as people as possible

    you are legally required to like it /j


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