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  1. the power of ping pong stops your ship
  2. eebee


    One time i was doing volleyb all in gym and a girl bumped the ball and it landed on my pinky, breaking it.
  3. doing that but with my rhythm heaven playlist Personality: Guy who cant do things without his supporting friends (Micro-Row) Job: Game dev (Remix 10) Backstory: Very enthusiastic baseball player (Exhibition Match) Friends: 2 volleyball players (Bossa Nova) Love Life: The ticket girl at the carnival (Remix 6) Where they live: Near the lilbrary (Cheer Readers 2) Clothing Style: Sciency type clothing like they buy for 3rd graders (Micro-Row 2) Hobbies: Reading (Cheer Readers) Playing badminton in planes (Air Rally)
  4. i did but i lost the password (;-;)
  5. GAMING!!! i cant get it because (me) <--- moneyless
  6. eebee


    I am an 11 year old babie
  7. eebee

    Ask my ocs 2

    two trillion five hundred forty billion.
  8. Nvm it will it'll just be like pancakes tiny people
  9. Moving this topic Won't have images tho
  10. c!eevee: what is a spaghetti? is it some kind of duck? r!eevee: spaghetti? It's nice and smells good. Borb: one of the most delectable foods of all time. Indigo: MRRF- spagebti? sorry I was eating a 7 course meal of spaghetti. Foxxo: no. One of the only foods I won't eat. Blech.
  11. POV: you are the homophobic kids in your English class (You only get 5 nuggies)
  12. more please I know it’s like 3am (omg I died x-x (not clickbait) (gone wrong)) but please question my fictional characateres
  13. I like how you used the flag there
  14. im a person contrary to popular beleif, eevee started as a persona, but is more of a character now, this is the character that i think represents me most, an introvert that really does not want to do the social thing
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