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  1. mine too /j (swarm is basically a help class for kids who are stuck with math or reading)
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14BnIpIjexOz6ewG_btDOFk3vr6QvfDdqXopXvuS5Nlw/edit?usp=sharing you can helps
  3. unfortunately im in fifth grade so i cant help so oof
  4. swarm is a thing in my class where they help kids who are struggling with math or reading, i dont take it, but everyone has a folder for it
  5. i have folders, *inhale* RED IS MATH SOCIAL STUDIES IS GREEN SCIENCE IS YELLOW AND READING IS BLUE (swarm is purple)
  6. Eevee

    Green's Art Dump

    this looks like is a screenshot from a movie
  7. Eevee

    art requests

    can i have a screenshot of sirin?
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