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    ask my ocs

    synth do you like pickle
  2. (google translated) Тест кардиостимулятора FitnessGram — это многоэтапный тест на аэробные способности, который постепенно усложняется по мере прохождения. Через 30 секунд начнется 20-метровый тест кардиостимулятора. Выстраивайтесь в очередь на старте. Скорость бега начинается медленно, но увеличивается каждый раз, когда вы слышите этот сигнал 🌟. Каждый раз, когда вы слышите этот звук, нужно проходить один круг 🌟. Не забывайте бежать по прямой и бежать как можно дольше. Если вы не завершите круг до того, как прозвучит звук, ваш тест окончен. Тест начнется со слова start. По знаку, готовься, начинай.
  3. were posting random files right
  4. around 2 people will get this when i step on a lock (2).mp4
  5. this is old but EeveeOfSFSSmp
  6. wait is it still goin on bc i think it works
  7. why must this happen to me (minecraft not work)
  8. eebee

    My dreams

    ok so at first i saw a game i liked in a store and i asked my dad to get it (in the dream) and all of a sudden i was working around the store but before that i forgor to mention that there was this guy at the 5th floor of the stairs that would push people off and for some reason i sued them for attempted other person ouchie? i know nothing about legal so back to the game the contents had spilled on the floor and every part i cleaned up got me 5 dollars there were like 10 paets and the game cost 15 dollars but partway through that i followed my dad to get coffee from the gas dispenser, which for some reason dispensed coffee and then my brain decided "alright time for weird mode" then i was a minecraft youtuber i was in a wood room still cleaning up the game but other people were messing me up so i banished them to the space realm then i went to bed (still in dream) but got ouchied because it was among us for some reason for some reason counter: 3 and then i woke up
  9. here's the raw mp4 Cosmic Cues.mp4
  10. borb but 3 dimensions
  11. what do i bring to the community
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