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  1. The desperate paw out from Mothflower and the absolute sass coming from Cloverstreams head turn is killing me-
  2. I missed the first couple drama acts I SWEAR IF I MISS MORE-
  3. Ah! Cloverstream: Gray and white tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. I would say she’s a newly made warrior of sorts, so a younge age. 17 moons perhaps?
  4. I’m so sorry, I was busy, what do you need? : )
  5. I sat here for about 10 minutes last night trying to figure out how 😭
  6. I’ve found a hummingbird trapped in our porch (don’t worry it was saved, I just gently trapped it then released it.) Ive found a snake eating a leopard frog by our garage. Also a skink in our garage. I used to have a pet squirrel, but we didn’t rescue him in our yard, it was somewhere else. There’s so many more but I can’t remember at the moment.
  7. These were some of my nichelings with good patterns that I forgot to take photos of there genetics. You can just pick one, sense three is to much. : D
  8. This reminds me of when I created my six prophecy apprentices in the sims 4 (a lot less fun for warrior cats, as you cant control them.) and had myself as there owner because they needed one to be able to be in a household. Chaos happened They were all obsessed with the fire-
  9. Dang, I might have to post a photo of a nicheling I have later. I NEED TO KNOW 🤣
  10. AH IM SORRY! Her eyes are blue, I would say forest, and at least a good friendship level? Cloverstream is a bit independent in a sense, so a good friendship definitely : ) I think she would need to be very comfortable to even think about having kits, she likes to fight for her clan, not be cooped up in the nursery
  11. She’s kind, sassy, and a good fighter. you can give her siblings if you want.
  12. Could you maybe add Cloverstream?
  13. I missed it- but wow did I come back to a train wreck.
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