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  1. (Accepted. I'll start the roleplay when we have all the leaders, deputies, medicine cats, and three warriors in each Clan. And no, SkyClan aint a part of this-)
  2. (This takes place about fifty years after The Broken Code. The lake territories still look the same, and in this AU its a protected area and nothing can be built on it. Not that it matters now though xD) All was peaceful. It was a Gathering, the moon shining bright overhead. Calicostar was giving her report. "Prey is running well in ShadowClan. We recently drove a badger out of our territory, and-" She was cut off by the sudden appearance of clouds covering the moon. A yowl split the air, and cats burst out of the undergrowth, attacking the Clans. They seemed to radiate darkness, and most of them had dark pelts as well ,making them almost invisible. At the same time, from the other side of the island, cats gleaming with starlight ran into the clearing and started fighting the attackers. "ShadowClan! Attack!" Calicostar yowled, flinging into battle. The Clans lost... StarClan lost. The Dark Forest defeated most of the StarClan cats who had tried to fight them. They drove the Clans out of the lake territories. They settled somewhere else, on a large island surrounded by nothing but water. They were safe... for now. RULES: No Twoleg cursing (heck duh-) Regular ToS Be kind, don't hate the user, hate the OC if you have to. Only I control the plot and any other things beside your OCs. That includes foxes, badgers, etc. Not prey though because heck why would I want to- Max OC limit is four. You must have four OCs. (because it makes filling up roles easier.) The leaders all have five lives after fighting in the battle as well and dying multiple times. One medicine cat per Clan and one medicine cat apprentice per Clan. I will make exceptions for this, example, ShadowClan has two medicine cats, they can not have any medicine cat apprentices unless one med cat dies. Basically two med cats (including appies) for each Clan. Unless you get the Special, no half clan cats are allowed. SPECIAL: For no reason, I decided to make this. If you do something that makes me want to give this power to you, then I will. Basically, if you do something nice for me or you make me feel like you deserve it, you can break one rule of the warrior code, and nobody can do anything about it ever. That means you could have a medicine cat with kits, and the kits would be taken care of instead of thrown out/killed. Half Clan cats would be welcomed... yadda yadda. ROLES: ThunderClan: Leader: Deputy: Medicine Cat: Warriors: Aspenleaf - Light golden-yellow tom, hetero leaf green and blind eyes Apprentices: Halfpaw - white she-cat white half brown face and brown markings Queens: Kits: Elders: ShadowClan: Leader: Calicostar - calico she-cat with one orange and one blue eye Deputy: Medicine Cat: Frozentail - white she-cat with blind blue eyes Juniperleaf- Blue-gray tom with white paws and tail tip, blind Warriors: Apprentices: Queens: Kits: Elders: WindClan: Leader: Burrowstar - Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white tipped tail Deputy: Medicine Cat: Silverpelt - Black tabby she-cat with white spots that look like stars and has blind blue eyes - Apprentice, Rainypaw Warriors: Apprentices: Rainypaw - A gray she-cat with dark green eyes and a burnt shoulder and tail tip Queens: Kits: Elders: RiverClan: Leader: Deputy: Pearlstorm - Pale pinkish tom with white patches across his flank and one blue and one gray eye Medicine Cat: Warriors: Apprentices: Queens: Kits: Floodkit - gray tom the color of stones in the river with blue-gray paws and tail tip Elders: Cats outside the Clans: (Rogues/Loners/Kittypets) Form: Name: Gender: Clan: Role: Description/Appearance: Personality: Flaws: Other: Miniform (Required) Name - Description/appearance
  3. also i just realized you are a ranboo fan- although to me it is not ranboo but r a n b o o b
  4. (Accepted. And Polly, I respect that. I think I'll always suck at making roleplays
  5. (OMG YES TY I FORGOT THE DORMS-) Silkworm stood up and went into the school, wanting to make sure everything was perfect. Scorch and Cobalt were wrestling now, with Scorch winning, as he was slightly older. Illumina and Shockwave sat together, Shockwave petting Ash, and Illumina playing a little with Snowdrift.
  6. (Also all of this is accepted.) Shockwave stood up and walked around the courtyard. Snowdrift followed him. Silkworm looked at Ash, who stared back. She returned to gazing around the courtyard, waiting for all the students to arrive. Scorch yelped as Cobalt shoved him off the rock. He got up and frowned at Cobalt. "Seriously?" Illumina had finished getting the library ready and went back outside.
  7. (There are also scavenger pets, as Smolder has Flower and Winter had Bandit at one point. But thank you for the info, I'll probably keep the OC's I have now, excluding Nightbreze and Owlflame. And I changed the limit for powers, it's now one for students, two for teachers.) (And thank you for the ideas, I'll put the max OC limit back in, at four OCs.)
  8. (Hhhh- sorry! I lose track of my OC's powers. Silkworm now has regular tribal powers, Scorch just has firescales, and Shockwave is the same. And Illumina is just twice moonborn. And I added a max power limit for flamesilk, animi, and firescales)
  9. (Hhhh- I've never been that great with roleplays xD)
  10. Name: Geode Tribe(s): GemWing Gender: M Age: 10 Appearance: WIP Personality: Geode is the very charming, social type. He likes making friends and will do almost anything to get others to like him. S&S (Sexuality and Shipping): Gay, yes Powers: WIP Traitor or Not: Traitor Role: (Teacher or Student) Student Other: WIP form- Miniform: (required) Name (Tribe, Traitor or Not, Gender, Age, Power(s), S&S, User)
  11. (Hhh-) Name: Nightbreeze (Breeze) Tribe(s): Night/Silk Gender: F Age: 8 mentally, about 20 physically Appearance: I never finished the ref... Personality: Nightbreeze is literally Kinkajou. In Every. Way. Possible. S&S (Sexuality and Shipping): Pan, yes Powers: Flamesilk Traitor or Not: Not a Traitor Role: Music Teacher (Although she normally lets Owlflame teach, as they like music more then Nightbreeze does) Other: Miniform: (required) Name (Tribe, Traitor or Not, Gender, Age, Power(s), S&S, User)
  12. Cobalt slowly got up, still giggling, and Scorch tried to frown in his friends direction. (Also you can have pets in this- Shockwave has a dark gray wolf named ash and an arctic fox names Snowdrift.) Snowdrift bounced around Shockwave, yipping and trying to get him to pet her. Shockwave ignored the ball of fluff, and Ash, whom was laying down next to him, gave the fox a stern look. Silkworm and Illumina were vibing
  13. Scorch yelped in surprise and Cobalt turned back to his regular colors, then started laughing so hard he fell off Scorch and the rock Scorch was on. He thudded to the ground, becoming Dream the teapot- (LMAOOO) (Also I have to go for a while. I think I'll be back at around 1:00 ish
  14. "Oh. That name sounds familiar- I think Cobalt might have mentioned them a couple times." Scorch said, smiling some more. His firescales were off, as they just turned off when he was relaxed. And he was- Cobalt was invisible, wanting to sneak up on Scorch and scare him. He waited until he was right behind Scorch, then yeeted right onto his friend.
  15. Name: Cobalt Tribe(s): RainWing Gender: M Age: 7 Appearance: images attached Personality: Cobalt is a very charming dragon. He's also haughty. Practically a cross between Winter and Deathbringer's personalities- He also likes to hang out with Scorch a lot. S&S (Sexuality and Shipping): Gay, yes Powers: Slightly stronger venom then normal. Otherwise tribal powers. Traitor or Not: Double Traitor - Spies on the Traitors for the school, and acts like he's spying on the school and giving false information to the other traitors Role: (Teacher or Student): Student Other: Wears an emerald necklace and a skyfire earring Miniform: (required) Name (Tribe, Traitor or Not, Gender, Age, Power(s), S&S, User)
  16. Scorch wasn't offended. "So am I. I just found out a couple days ago that Cobalt is coming here too. I've known him since- uh- I don't know, as long as I can remember." He said with a little laugh.
  17. "Okay. I like your name... it's pretty." Scorch smiled again, and he was yelling at himself on the inside. What is wrong with you?!?! Stop acting like a mushy dingbat!
  18. "Scorch." He said, and sat up. "I'm assuming from you're name that you're a SeaWing. And yes- I'm blind."
  19. Scorch jumped slightly. "Hi. Who are you?" He smiled shyly, then unconsciously lifted his talon to check if his blindfold was on. It was. (Also, if you're wondering why the blindfold isn't burning as Scorch normally keeps his firescales on, he enchanted it so that it couldn't be destroyed or harmed in any way-)
  20. OwlFlame was flying above the courtyard, stretching her wings. She knew that she should be getting her class ready, as flying class was the first one tomorrow, but she wanted to meet the students.
  21. (There's a courtyard outside the school, and the school is in a mountain. She would have to have an interaction with someone before she went in. I kinda wanna have everyone outside and get to know each other before going inside the school.) Illumina was busy sorting scrolls in the library. Silkworm wrapped a wing around Shockwave, fond of the dragonet. Shockwave fiddled with his seaglass necklace because whenever I roleplay as him he always does that- Scorch was vibing.
  22. WIP- Name: OwlFlame (Owl) Tribe(s): Sky/Night Gender: Female Age: 26 Appearance: Image attached. I have no idea who the artist is, I just searched up SkyWing NightWing hybrid refs on Google- Personality: Owl is pretty straightforward and serious with her class, but when she's alone with one or two students, she's very kind and encouraging. She loves flying and likes giving the students challenges, as she had when she was at Gracefall. S&S (Sexuality and Shipping): Straight, yes Powers: Slightly hotter flame then normal, and very fast. Practically has Speed 5 whenever she's flying- Traitor or Not: Not Role: Flying Teacher Other: Miniform: (required OwlFlame (Owl) (Tribe, Traitor or Not, Gender, Age, powers, S&S, User)
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