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  1. Sorry haven't been active on here much! Mostly on youtube and discord now. My user on discord is Chiyanna D#2069 if you want to look me up!

  2. Also, which cat is your favorite character so far?
  3. I fell behind on posting Clan Gen vids here sorry to @Foxcake and anyone else who watches them on here. I hope you still managed to find the vid! But if you didn't, here's episode 8: As always, highlight the white text for spoilers At the start of this episode, the clan is dealing with the aftermath of Brindleheart’s mysterious death. But soon, Weedears distracts the clan with happier news, she is having kits. Though a bit unorthodox, since she has no mate in the clan and is a medicine cat, the clan seems fine with it. Wisteriapaw returns from being lost after the fire, and completes their training. But just when everything seems to be looking up, Talonhorse mysteriously dies outside of camp, bringing the mystery of who killed Brindleheart back in the clan’s mind. With NacreClan announcing war on us again, I wonder if they are the ones murdering our cats in an attempt to goad us into war. The clan is expanded by a loner named Finch joining, and a few moons later Weedears’ kits grow into apprentices. The same moon as their mentors are chosen, something unexpected and long-awaited happens, with Pantherfur returning! And here is the next episode from last Saturday: This episode, Pantherfur approaches his sister Featherstar to try and get her to do something about the mysterious untimely deaths happening in the clan. Though cautious and a bit defensive, she is ultimately convinced to pay greater attention to the tensions both inside and outside the clan. Thus, everyone is told to be on high alert for any unexpected cats in the territory, and to confront any such cats. Featherstar takes the lead on this when her patrol confronts a group of trespassing rogues and ends up helping them find another territory in which to hunt. Morniningpaw and Shrewpaw both have weird dreams, but Weedears can’t make sense of them. Meanwhile, Featherstar is having an inexplicable feeling that Wisteriapool is hiding something. The clan is becoming stronger than it's ever been as Tumbleheart and Pantherfur welcome a new kit, and Weedears takes on an apprentice. But the one who killed Brindleheart could still be lurking. Will they strike again?
  4. I like both these ideas. Maybe we could do a tree that's so big you can go inside it and there would be the connection? Also I like the idea of it having flowers.
  5. There's a poll on my youtube username linked in the comments, so if you haven't already voted your input would be appreciated
  6. I feel like our camp should be not-quite in the boundaries of two leg place, but still nearby. Maybe the mountain lake could be a good moonstone? Or we could have some structure or plant (like a mythical tree) in the moonlit gardens
  7. This might seem totally random and arbitrary, but it might make the difference of whether I can play this game atm. So, my question is, can you minimize and adjust the size of the Wandering Village game window?
  8. Ah that makes sense. Where on the map should our camp be? Probably kinda near the town (maybe in it) or maybe in that brown patch of grass by the lake?
  9. Ah yes, it's that time again when I post that link to my newest video whether anyone cares or not This one is...different... Today we’re trying out a web-based game called Pre-civilization Bronze Age. And while it’s title isn’t a work of art, the game is pretty advanced and well thought out, a decent resource management game. Unfortunately the game’s music tends to drown out my commentary, I did do my best to fix it but some parts may still be hard to hear. Select white text below to read rest of desc I have a decent start, getting lucky with events and managing my people pretty well. It doesn’t take me too long to unlock every tech in the first tier. We assimilate a couple groups of refugees without much problem. I also start a decent mining operation pretty early. But soon bad luck befalls our tribe, and even worse are my choices of how to deal with it. When birds mysteriously fall out of the sky and cattle is sacrificed, almost 30 people die. A small raid the tribe failed to fend off claimed another 30. And though the tribe continued to advance and increase in number despite all this, soon a larger enemy set their sights on our people. With all this tragedy, will the tribe be able to survive? Make sure to stay till the end to have input on a very important decision effecting the tribe’s future! (Or you could just skip to there, but that would spoil the episode!)
  10. Well the place with many rivers criss-crossing land and other rivers looks like a marsh
  11. I thought the buildings were supposed to be carrionplace aka camp. Not sure tho
  12. For those of you who follow any of my youtube series on here (or on yt) just wanna let you know I put up a poll to change my youtube username which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxMbdRpyj-hE9ucXljXbA0VCC0fDyUZwKH Also this Thursday may not be posting a Niche video...will have to see
  13. "We have to get back to Guiding and Fang..." Bewildered, they turned to the new other, "Nothing to be afraid of. Swamp is safe." Newly Forgotten They shook their head, I want to trust, to believe, but I can't shake the feeling that I've made that mistake before.
  14. I'm fine with it, could be kinda fun to watch. But uh..maybe skip the potty humor
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