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  1. (it's alright, i dont really mind)
  2. "It's alright," purred Celina, you still don't know the half of it... She turned to her kits and trotted over, "Is everything alright?" she asked them. - "Down where?" asked Constellationkit.
  3. Mistykit was unsure about leaving the mist...after all, wouldn't it be harder for predators to see her in the mist? But easier for my mother and her cats to see me. If I am running away, I must leave the mist. Otherwise I haven't escaped. I'm not loved here...and now I'm not safe here either. But she knew she would miss Sweetkit and Pearlpaw and the cat from Dewclan that had played with her...and what about Sprout? Was she still back at camp? "Are you there, Sprout?" Mistykit urgently whispered into the mist.
  4. "She seems nice, she was helping Dog through some of his feelings when I showed up," Dove said to reassure Willow.
  5. "Which of your escapades are you talking about?" asked Beanleap in a friendly way.
  6. "Let her go," demanded Blondie. "You don't want a turf war with us," warned the girl Blondie had with her. "Fine, this time, but if this punk interferes in my buisness again I won't back off this easy," Red let go of your hair and slowly got off of you.
  7. "I remember," said Martine, "let me get dressed."
  8. (i usually don't mind unless u do it for no reason, but one ping is enough to get me to the thread once I get online so it usually is fruitless to ping me multiple times unless its days later)
  9. -on phone -on computer -read newspaper -go out of the house
  10. By the time you had walked over she had cracked the shell flawlessly and was holding the clam meat with her nimble paw. "Oh, Aurora! Did you need something?" she asked, noticing you.
  11. ah yes unattractive (to predators) distasteful scent/appearance u could also do the most fertile, the least fertile, the one that can smell and hear the farthest, and the sickest nicheling (combine hemophilia and double immunity genes plus low fertility and blindness for bonus)
  12. (there were some catagories nobody made a nicheling for..... hmmmm Collecting, Fishing, Camoflauge, Heat resistance (coolest/coldest), Cracking, and waht else...
  13. YUP even if its a rogue male and they have a new immunity I be like *yeet the females at him*
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