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  1. So I found screenshots from both Prehistoric Salt and Remnant Clan, plus some Nicheling Observation Programme, (mainly family tree) shots. Next I must see if I have up to date saves!
  2. I am trying to start Niche on my laptop for the first time in months...taking a bit to load so a little worried. It is trying to start in offline mode, so we'll see! May need to start it online first but worried about losing the saves currently on this computer. May back them up first.
  3. @Sky did you like the post to remember to vote later? Forgive me if this is pushy, but I'd actually really like to see which of my playthroughs you like(d) the best!
  4. Also feel free to comment your reasons for voting whichever playthrough(s) you did!
  5. I always thought it's because they're supposed to be a cross between a polar bear and a seal (I think), and they were just like... "seal bear doesn't sound cool enough, what else can we call it...oh yeah, seals balance stuff on their noses, let's call it balance bear!" But half the time Niche players don't even call it that. Of course most of us say rabbit or bunny when refferring to rabbils too so it doesn't really mean much.
  6. I figured you guys were due for a poll from me, and what better one than this after me being gone so long? As much as I love all my playthroughs and Niche stories, only some can be continued (at a time anyway). I don't know which are even able to be continued at this point, but once I figure it out I should be able to get going on at least one of them. This poll will help me to decide which ones should be put on indefinate hiatus, and which I should try my hardest to continue. I am an indecisive person so this should help. Also, I always wanted to gauge the popularity of certain of my playthroughs compared to others, so this will fufill that wish as well! Multiple votes are allowed since there are so many options, but please only 4 maximum. Also let me know as soon as possible if I missed one.
  7. You didn't see much as you toddled through the grasses...then suddenly they cleared away. The creature seemed to be looking at something in the clearing...
  8. I won't probably be very active this weekend, just a heads up!

  9. (Me reading my own playthrough go brrr I def wanna restart this at some point, but gotta check and see if I have the screenshots and save. Plus gotta have time to play Niche.
  10. 20/10 cute birb with cute hat
  11. @Stellarshade is this rp your kind of thing? Would u like to join?
  12. (I apologize for the laugh reaction...have a strange kinda dark sense of humour) Well that's alright, he has time to decide. And this does require a commitment of probably a couple hours or more of doing nothing but play roblox with your fellow rpers, which not everyone can make. It'll honestly be a small miracle if all the pieces come together and everyone is available at the same time, but I do believe in miracles!
  13. @__________________________ would u be interested in joining? I know u have alot of other rps on your plate so I understand if not.
  14. BTW it's kinda hard to edit the character storage on mobile (my select tool always freaks out and jumps too fast when I drag my finger to select a substantial amount of text plus pics), so I haven't rlly been able to but as soon as I can I will add new submissions and secondaries, plus delete and/or move the characters of anyone not playing anymore.
  15. @A Nicheling @Impy10 @BirbMaster Do you guys want to continue with this?
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