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  1. (Wait does this mean the old one is defunct? Can I continue on with the same cat and storyline?)
  2. (also I could do a run-off poll on 1 and 2 and not 3 since 1 and 2 are tied)
  3. Are you interested in a run-off poll like last time, or do you just want to go off the result with the most votes in this poll when it closes? Let me know!
  4. (Now that you're here can you reply to this? If you can't atm let me know when u can)
  5. (Sorry, yeah double pinging is really unnecessary. I won't ping you either if you don't want.)
  6. I think we may need a run-off for the most recent poll, and it worked out well last time. However, it may take more time to get the results in if I make one of these. So what do you think? Should we make a run-off? I'm not going to make a whole other poll, to decide whether we should have another poll lol cause that seems to complicated and cluttery of the forums. Just reply to this if you want to see a run-off or not. Alternatively, I could do a small reaction poll on whether we should have a run-off, located on the second poll thread or here, where I'd say which reactions mean what and you w
  7. (Interesting developments, I thought this would be the end of the struggle, it appears to only be the beginning. I thought Blood Sky might be evil, now he's dead, perhaps he was only a freedom fighter. But what do I know?)
  8. Prisidon was discouraged and stressed out, but he still didn't trust Meadow, "Why'd you run off?" he asked, turning to her. @Polly
  9. "Well, at least you found Meadow...did you see Rata?" he asked.
  10. Chiyanna


    Midnight? Ash? Night? Dawn?
  11. "Yes," Prisidon said, feeling sad and embarrassed, "so you haven't seen her?"
  12. Great, thought Prisidon, he brought back the trouble-maker, not the one who could actually be useful. "Have you seen Kirlur?" he asked them both, "she's disappeared."
  13. Chiyanna


    This looks interesting but I don't think I have time to play/join rn
  14. "What's wrong?" asked Prisidon, anxious and a bit loud but trying to not wake everyone up.
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