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  1. This is a good suggestion. Maybe one for killing a balance bear too
  2. "90% of problems occur when you breath...No breathing no problem(s)"
  3. Day 12 The Argument "My time is coming soon," said Strawberry, "and I want this pack to be able to go on without me." "Of course," said Fang, "we will." "No," said Strawberry, "you don't understand. I want this pack to continue for generations." We may be the only pack left. "I'm sure we will," Fang assured, "but what does this have to do with me?" "Don't play dumb with me," Strawberry said, "I've seen the way Run looks at you. It has everything to do with you." "I'm not the only male in this pack," spat Fang, getting defensive all the sudden. "And you think your son is ready?" asked Strawberry. "No," said Fang at a growl, "but Run is so young and I'm so old. It wouldn't and shouldn't work." "I feared you would react this way. I wanted to see you two happy together, but you don't allow it. So then, age is the only factor? Would it work with someone older?" Strawberry pushed. "You mean yourself," Fang jumped on that right away. "Not neccesarily-" Strawberry was cut off. "So that's what this is about! You pretend to care about Run's feelings, but really that's a cover so you can ask for cubs yourself," Fang spat in a raised voice. "How dare you accuse me of such a thing!" yelled Strawberry, "I raised Run ever since her pack perished. She is like a cub of my own. But it's no use letting both of our dreams die just because of your unwillingness to commit!" Run heard the yelling, everyone did, are they in danger? She began to run up the hill. "Stop!" called Mimime, and Run turned around. "I'll go check on them," Mimime said. "But why?" Run said, "If they're in danger we should all go." "If they were in danger, my sister would've called us herself. There's a stump up there," Mimime explained. "What's the yelling about, then?" Run asked, confused, are they fighting? But why? "I don't know," said Mimime, "but I will go check. I'm more stealthy than you, and Stalker needs to keep the cub busy." "Fine," said an annoyed Run, what if Fang is in trouble? I want to be there. But she figured there was no use, she trusted Mimime to come and get them if there was something they could do to help. (Sorry this look isn't too in line with the story, but it's the best screenshot of this scene I have. I originally planned a different plot line but I had to improvise when bugs hit) Mimime snuck behind the stump, around the side. She listened carefully, making no noise. "But it is not because I am unwilling to commit!" she could tell Fang was struggling to keep his cool, just from his voice. "I think it is, you are afraid to commit to any sort of romantic relationship! What if it wasn't commital at all?" Strawberry suggested. "I am not that kind of male! I'm no stud! I was commited to my mate!" Mimime peeked over the stump to see Fang's eyes aflame with rage, and something else, worry? Anxiety? Fear? Dread, dread and fear. "Then it's not commitment, it's being afraid to loose again. But doesn't Run deserve a chance at what you once felt?" Strawberry pushed. "Don't pretend this is about Run's feelings," said Fang, "this is still about you. You know I would never go for being with Run, you're still hoping I might chance it with someone I care less about." "No," said Strawberry, "I want you and Run to be together. So Stalker can see you happy again, and know what a family looks like." "My son is my first priority! Love will only distract me," Fang's voice raised slightly, but nothing like before. Then, as Strawberry again opened her mouth, Fang flew at her, claws poised in the air to strike. Mimime turned around and ran as fast as she could back toward the others. They had to get up here and break this thing up. They just had to.
  4. Days 9-12 Surprises Encased in Ice The rock ice thing continued to crack until finally the pieces seperated and fell to the ground. When that happened it revealed a carcass, some sort of elk or deer it appeared. Run was so hungry that she immediately took a bite. She shivered, the meat was cold! But she chewed it none-the-less and swallowed. The second bite was warmer than the first, and soon she was chowing down. Fang who was beside her began tearing off meat chunks and throwing them to the others. Then, she heard a squeak, she looked up, is there a rabbit or other small animal around? "What is it?" asked Mimime. "I heard something," said Run, "but I don't smell or see anything." She took another bite. Then, the carcass moved. I must be seeing things. But it moved again. Run backed up quickly, food still in her mouth. "Momma?" It's talking! How can that be? Maybe the dead animal came back to life and is after me! I was eating it after all. Then it moved again, and a head popped out from under the carcass. Run screamed. The head retreated back under the carcass. "Run! Why did you scare them?" Strawberry asked. "But-but-scared? I'm the one who's scared!" Run retorted. "Why? It's just a cub!" Mimime was quite annoyed. "A cub?" Now that she thought about it, the head did look suspiciously like the head of a cub. "Yes, a cub!" said Mimime, "Now the poor thing is terrified!" "What did you do that for?" asked Strawberry. Run deflated, completely embarressed, what was Fang thinking of her now? She risked a peak over at him. To her surprise, he defended her, "Don't be so hard on her." "She terrified a poor cub for no apparent reason," said Mimime. "She probably thought the animal was coming alive again to haunt her," said Fang. Not only is he defending me, he really understands! "What kind of weird thought is that?" said Mimime, "And how do you know what she was thinking?" "Is this true Run?" asked Strawberry. "Yes," Run said quietly, it sounds so ridiculous. Mimime began to laugh. "You don't have to be so mean," retorted Stalker. Run blinked, I didn't expect to have so many defending me. Honestly I don't deserve it. "I am sorry for scaring the cub." Run said, then she turned to Strawberry, "Do you think you can coax it out?" "I'll try my best," Strawberry said. After a few minutes, the cub crawled out again, "Momma?" it asked, more cautious this time. "Yes," said Strawberry, "I will be your momma. Do you have a name?" "Taisra," said the cub, "momma said name, Taisra. Before bad things." Strawberry nodded, "Come on Taisra, welcome to our pack. You don't have to be afraid." The cub eyed Run nervously, "Sorry little cub, I didn't mean to scare you." The cub scampered behind Strawberry, growling a little bit. It had been a few days since they'd found Taisra, and this morning, Stalker felt cold. His teeth chattered and he felt stiff. "Are you c-c-cold?" he asked Mimime. "No, but I bet you are!" Mimime said. "I-I'm no-" Stalker decided it was best to be truthful, even as much as Mimime got on his nerves, "How did you know?" "There's only one saber at your side, and that's me! You need at least one on either side to be able to huddle and stay warm properly. The snow and cold wind on your one side is chilling you," she explained. Now that he thought about it, he was alot colder on the side opposite Mimime. Even the warm pool on his one side couldn't warm him enough because the other side had no warmth at all. "Humph," he said, not wanting to admit she was right, "well, can I move up to huddle with you and Run?" "Of course," said Mimime, smirking. Stalker flicked his ears in annoyance as he walked up into the greater throng of bodies. "I want to talk to Fang for a minute," said Strawberry. Stalker's father looked surprised, "Go ahead." "No, I mean in private," Strawberry replied. Stalker was quite confused, and a bit worried. Fang nodded. Strawberry turned and said to the group, "Keep an eye on Taisra for me," and to Taisra she said, "stay here with aunt Mimime and your friend Stalker." "And scary?" she asked, peering at Run. "And Run too," said Strawberry, "she's your sister, remember? She isn't that scary." Taisra didn't look convinced, but she nodded. As Strawberry and Fang went up the hill, out of sight, she scampered over to Stalker. "Play?" Stalker began to play tag with the cub, putting away his worry about his father. He can hold his own, right?
  5. Also u should edit the quote, it still says the bad word
  6. (That's sort of the reason, but she didn't even know Fang was dead yet so...Imma say he was a double clawed rogue male, he was sick too so that explains why he'd be a rogue
  7. (So sorry! I changed it is it better?
  8. Well, it worked! Actually, apparently it didn't even have to be a home island animal, just one spawned in with the command. Though home island animals did spawn as well. I couldn't invite one in so I killed them. I still don't know if I could invite one in after that, but I found a wanderer and I just decided to try it and right away it was fixed. Unfortunately I killed a beautiful home island baby, and Fang died of old age in the process. Also Run got sick from a wanderer and got others sick too but they are all cured now. I had Run breed with a wanderer and will probably say he was a sort of rogue male....same one she got sick from. I know that's low but Fang was dead and I can't imagine she'd ever love anyone else. At least I don't have to delete the save now, and we have a new member.
  9. No, I don't think so. My storymode save has always been slot 1 (or 0). I don't remember all the saves that have been in this slot, but I don't think a storymode save ever was because I've only ever made one. Unless I downloaded and played a storymode save of someone in that slot, but I don't remember doing so. I will try the playeranimal command and hope it works.)
  10. Sometimes the keyboard you're using can do that. Try using another keyboard or mapping the keys to get rid of their natural function
  11. (But if I use playeranimal they will be home island animals??)
  12. (Yeah maybe, so hopefully inviting in a home island nicheling will fix it
  13. @MOD PUMPION I used the increase spawn command for homeanimals. Should I type it again and how long till they spawn in?
  14. wasnt it for all the unused warrior cats?
  15. Days 6-9 The Famine Fang was so confusing to Run. When she tried to cuddle with him in the night he pushed her away, hitting her. When it came time to eat, he had given her his portion. He had tried to explain it away by saying he could live with less food, that he had done it before. "Dad, why is there no prey around?" the question cut through Run's thoughts. "I don't know why we haven't seen anything, but maybe Strawberry did and that's why she called to us," Fang replied. "Yeah," said Run, "hopefully." It took a couple days traveling. Mimime's stomach pain had turned from an aching pain to a sharp one, my body is complaining! Well, it's not my fault, do you think I like to starve? She pushed through the snow now half her height, teeth chattering, bones aching. "Do you see my sister?" she yelled to Fang and Stalker who were ahead of her. "Not yet," said Fang. Then Stalker said, "Wait-" "I see you guys!" Mimime heard Strawberry's voice. "Where are you?" called Mimime. "Atop a stump," said Strawberry. "A stump?" yelled Mimime, confused. "Yes, remember Stranger told us about them?" Mimime tried to remember, she did remember Stranger, a large, scarred, tough, yet old male saber who had taught them nearly everything they knew. "Ah yes," remarked Mimime suddenly, "I remember now! They make you louder when you stand on them." "Exactly," said Strawberry, "and you can see further too!" "Did you catch anything?" said Fang, pushing through the snow. Strawberry's tone changed all the sudden, "No, nothing. Let's move on from this area, maybe we'll find some prey someplace else." Fang bounded through a meadow, laughing. A reddish brown female ran along-side him. They talked as they walked, but everything was muted, Fang was talking but heard not even his own voice. Yet he was happy, and continued to chatter on. They hunted together. It was exciting and fun, all was well. Until the deer hit the ground, and changed. It was a strange animal with fluff like a Snow Flower, and though Fang and the female ate happily, there was a sudden feeling of dread in the air. Then Fang was in a den, there were cubs here and he was joyful for a minute, but something wasn't right. He ran out of the den. He ran faster and faster, and then came the cries for help. He knew he wouldn't get there in time, but he had to try. He saw a group of strange creaures as he arrived at the scene, stranger than the one they had hunted. And as they cleared away, he saw the female. Completely still, drenched in blood. And he was surrounded, sorrounded by the Snow Flower covered creatures bleating, laughing at him. In a rage he attacked one, but it was a mistake. The stranger creatures came again, and tied him up so he couldn't fight them. One by one his cubs died before him, one they killed. Another to a bear, another to a fox, another to other smilodons. Each one reminded him of the reddish female. One more dropped into the icy depths of the ocean. He thrashed about, trying to free himself. Then Stalker sat before him, the last one. He was reminded of the reddish female every time he looked at him. Fang had to burry it deep inside, and protect the last cub with his life. The strange creatures were gone now, so were the ropes. Never again. Never again will I love so much, it would kill me to do so. Fang felt the cold wind all the sudden, and the ground beneath him was cold. A female was next to him, Run. But behind him was Stalker, caught by the strange creatures. They threw a stick into the ocean. They had a sharp object on Stalker's ropes. Fang knew what he had to do. He plunged into the ocean, and Stalker was freed. But the bleats of the Snow Flower creatures ran in his ears as he began to freeze to death, and then the strange creatures swarmed him, stabbing him. The Snow Flower animals still bleating. And someone was crying, and someone calling for help. Fang sat up, breathing heavily. Run was indeed next to him, and he made up his mind to move. I had a nightmare, it's been a while since I last had one. Run awoke, her own eyes wide as she sat up and looked around, "What's wrong?" "Nothing," grumbled Fang, "nothing at all." She looked hurt and confused, but he couldn't help her. She'd have to get over her own feelings somehow. Fang's were tormenting him, being pulled every which way. But he had good self-control and a realistic sense about the world. He would not put Stalker in danger by not focusing on him, and he would not put himself in danger of loosing a mate again. The group had been pushing their way through the snow when Run shouted, "Ouch!" Strawberry whirled around, worried, "What happened?" "It's nothing," said Run, "I just bumped into this large chunk of ice and rock." Then came the sound of something cracking, Mimime jumped, "What was that?" "It's coming from this thing," said Run, backing up, bumping right into Strawberry. "I smell something good," said Strawberry, "where's it coming from?" "I do too, this rock ice thing smells like food!" Run went back over to it, and began to dig at it. Also for some reason I got this message but I don't think anything happened.
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