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  1. I got it on Steam but idk if there is another way to get it or not
  2. y e s welcome children of the two great friends
  3. You can't. They go away over time. Don't worry when your nicheling is bleeding to death you just got unlucky. question: How do you breed nichelings?
  4. wait isnt that also what causes demons that break the game?
  5. I figured that since they always are linked to the websites. Still, google is spying on our forums and is linking to the images in the search engine. It doesn't really matter tho. I mean its on the internet, anyone can find it anyways.
  6. Oh good I'm glad. Yeah that's probably the best thing to do, finish homework then play. That's what I would do too...
  7. Well maybe do a bit of homework and then when ur brain cant do it anymore play a bit of wingspan and then finish the homework and then play cattails IDK if that helps or if that is insane. Also idk how ur brain works either so
  8. oooo nice. I would be interested but I haven't rlly played the last video games I got on steam much... maybe in the future. For now I shall make my family play birb game board game with me :>
  10. Awww she's cute! Is that ur birb? Also that one birb be like: NOBODY TAKES PICTURE OF MEEEEE
  11. Hi new birbmaster homethread. I am fellow birb
  12. Yup, that's the main difference, and @__________________________ would know because they make most the sims. The action things can be in rps, and u can have to type in sims. Tho sims are usually more structured and have more actions, that isn't always the case.
  13. I already knew that google knows all. Nothing you put on the internet is private, especially when it comes to google. They do spy on you, and me, and everyone... I didn't know that they just take any image u put online without permission. Very rude.
  14. In this case, since turbulent is considered the opposite of assertive, it probably means you are quick to change opinions based on emotions or in general. And you may be confused or unsure of what you believe.
  15. You backed out and continued to scroll down the list -Rollercoaster World -Baby sitter wanted -School secretary -Children's Science Museum -Petting Zoo -Daycare
  16. "It's not able to get you on land, like I said," said Owl, noticing this.
  17. Owl nodded and headed back toward the group holding the clams she had gathered.
  18. Hours of Fun is the best arcade and fun park around! We have an arcade area, a skating rink, a go-cart course, and much more! Do you enjoy seeing others smile and families having fun? Then this job might be right for you. Currently looking for: -Pizza Shack workers -Ticket booth employees -After-hours cleaners -Arcade machine mechanics (experiance or schooling required) -Marketers (experiance or schooling required) -Customer service and sales -Skate Shack workers
  19. "Well-uh, I guess we have some clam meat...should we head back to the group now?"
  20. Who could attend a session today? Or is it better to wait till this weekend?
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