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  1. "I agree. Whoever did this must pay." She said, anger and sadness making her voice crack. Continuing more quietly to herself, "That person was right. We should've executed someone yesterday. Even if we got the wrong one, would've given the real killer pause."
  2. When she got close enough to be sure, she stood there staring for a few seconds. How did this happen? How could I let this happen, and who would want to kill Astraion? The flower person, she never did get their name, was an obvious target by whoever was killing off their group...they had taken a leadership role in the group and had managed to smooth over growing tensions. And that made their death not just painful, but dangerous to the group. But why was Astraion a target? She bowed her head and unexpectedly tears starting slipping down her face. The human was right...we should've tried to figure out who the killer was sooner and done something about it.
  3. Idk anything about Ms paint or gimp. But if you're just asking what should be in the background... Maybe a bush?
  4. "Two?" Whitetail's eyes widened a bit as she herself turned from Reese @pepper_ and turned to where Tyler had been looking. Sure enough, not one but two were dead. Seeing who, she tensed. No, it couldn't be. She had to be sure. Slowly, she approached the bodies. Her legs felt like lead.
  5. I got 0/3 right, but I was in the most voted result (so far) in the first 2/3!
  6. Whitetail jumped up, suddenly remembering where she was. I guess I thought this was all a dream...and I was back on the battlefield commanding thousands. But no, it's real. Very much real. Fresh blood means... "It happened again. Didn't it? Our enemy is picking us off one by one."
  7. Yay! Wildclan is back! And it's back with a bang. Spottedfrost's jealousy has maybe finally caught up with him...poor Quillblaze and Sweetpoll. What a horrible thing to do to someone's kit, let alone the kit of the one you love!
  8. This is a really good and well-thought-out rp idea! I might be able to help a bit since I was once in roblox realisms (roblox survuval game rps with rules, based in discord). But I am also kinda busy and have my online life full with the things happening on the forums. Maybe when the Seeing Things rp ends I could help some. But I also forgot my discord password :( maybe will try and recover my account at some point.
  9. Whitetail was roused by the sound of a voice. The first thing that she noticed was the distinctive smell of blood. "Fall back! How many injured?" she muttered under her breath. She blinked open her eyes, disoriented.
  10. Very interesting quiz
  11. i think u messed up the answer to question 2
  12. Back from reading what happened to the old tribe. Starvation, bad genes, and bearyenas. The trifecta. Looks like a bit of a rough start this time around, but at least there's quite a few shriveled berry bushes and no predators have shown up...yet
  13. Time to go back and read what happened to the last one. I love these playthroughs, and thanks for putting the gem colors up front.
  14. @Cozy Fawn I'm sorry but you're not supposed to vote for yourself, not even as one option. Would you like to change your second vote to another option, or just disregard it? Or maybe I should let people vote for themselves since there's not really enough options. Or maybe only 1 vote for the same reason...
  15. (OK Just checking cause I messed up the name of one of the characters and you do have the right to vote up to 2. If you're good with your vote that's fine)
  16. I guess not. Tho it would probably help if u did, because I want the poll to be representative of everybody. I should've had a "I don't care/no vote" option lol Rn Saffron(petal) is in the lead and they're the one who may change up clan rules and stuff. The only other one with a vote is Pixiesong. Maybe look at the characters, and if you like one or think they would make for an interesting rp then vote; if you still don't care or think they're all good choices, then don't.
  17. The sooner we get the poll done the sooner we can, tho unsure if it will be done by then considering only 3 have voted so far. Go vote for sure to up the chances! As for Thanksgiving break being a good time, it could be since a good amount of people are probably off scool and/or work for the holiday. But then again not everyone here lives in the US, and those that do will probably be celebrating Thanksgiving with their famalies at some point. It is an option, so if everyone could say when and if they will likely be available that would help to decide if it's a viable one.
  18. (yeah it's generally a US holiday. Tho some other countries have equivalents celebrated on different dates and generally commemerating different events)
  19. (In the US it is. Generally you get a few days off from school wednesday or thursday through Friday, which of course bleeds into the weekend so you have 5 or so days off to celebrate thanksgiving.)
  20. I'm so sorry about that!! I can't believe how stupid my autocorrect is, but I should've noticed anyway. Unforrunately you can't change your vote in the actual poll and nobody is allowed to vote for their own character. If @Pancake says they would've voted for you then I will count that even tho pancake can't change their vote either. You are allowed to change your vote to Pixiesong or vote both Saffronpetal and Pixiesong if you want. That would make the poll innacurate but probably not unfixably so. Also I will probably vote for you myself. Trying to decide who should be my second choice and also will wait to see if I need to use my vote to correct any other errors.
  21. Now this is like an actual election lol (Good thing I tagged mod so she can spread propaganda too)
  22. Well if pancake says they would've voted for pineface, then you both get a vote which is totally legal anyway because ppl can vote for 2 (which is really unnecesary with only 3 choices...but I guess it helps in situations like these). Since votes can't be changed I will either vote that myself or mark down an imaginary extra vote. Obviously if pancake realized paleface was pineface (or doesn't want to vote them anyway) then nothing changes. You probably already realized this lol I take things way too seriously.
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