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  1. Dove blinked, did this kit have a sibling? "S-sure." she stuttered. Would the sibling know she wasn't their mother?
  2. Mistykit's eyes were wide. She looked at Pearlpaw and then back to her mother.
  3. There were socks in it. Most of them were white, some black, some brown, and in one corner a couple pairs of colorful socks.
  4. Celina was used to the taste of the water. Sure, she'd like to find a stream somewhere but there wasn't one available this minute. - Constellationkit said, "I love you!"
  5. An end-table was next to your bed. A dressor was on the other side of the room. It was sparsely decorated.
  6. Celina drank some after eating. - "Mom!" whispered Constellationkit, "you woke up! You're back! You believe me, don't you?"
  7. You woke up from a peaceful sleep with the morning light.
  8. (I like it! Maybe the children should be referred to by numbers since the snatched don't have much (if any) emotional attatchment? Or would that be less practical than names? Nah don't be sorry. I'm usually the one asking all the questions! Plus it gives me a chance to figure some stuff out myself)
  9. Constellationkit was embarressed snd utterly confused, had nobody seen the cats except her? Maybe I imagined them... but Constellationkit had never thought up such an elaborate thing before, let alone had it play out before her very eyes! Her tail lashed as she looked down at her paws breifly.
  10. (go ahead and give an appearance unless u want me to pick it but you'd probably be better at it lol)
  11. Other She cried. She didnt like being out of her mothers arms
  12. (alright, should we just begin then? Or do you wish to add anything else about your character?
  13. Bushy didn't know what to say, really. She didn't want there to be silence for the rest of the walk. But she couldn't figure anything about herself. And she didn't understand enough to formulate questions either, nor did she wish to annoy these cats. Her eyes brightened as she remembered something, "Do you know any stories?"
  14. Dove's eyes softened as she looked at the kit. She realized that his mother must be dead or have abandoned him. She knew what it was like to loose your mom so young... "It doesn't matter now. I won't leave you again, ever." She gave a swift apologetic glance to the cats, hoping they wouldn't mind if she took the kit with her.
  15. "Green eyes...and it hissed at me!" she squeaked.
  16. you coulda at least eaten the termites just sayin
  17. "Thank you," purred Celina, "you are growing to be quite responsible," though she knew the kit couldn't understand. - Constellationkit looked around, fur bristling.
  18. You didn't get lucky enough to be an adult/teen. You are what I call gen 2 (1st generation is parent generation). Age 8. My original idea is that they had the conferance recently and haven't done much about it yet but you can change that if it doesn't make sense)
  19. (Wow I didn't know that but I looked it up and you're right! Generally doves are smaller but not always. I wonder if this white one is a cross-breed between two Columbidae species or just a guy that has been welcomed into the flock of a different sub-species. I don't know if common pigeons prevent other species from flocking with them or not)
  20. (what is that? Forgive my ignorance)
  21. I thought myself that the white one might be a dove, but it's flocking with pigeons? The rest of them have pigeon coloring and they all looked too big to be doves to me. Maybe the white one is a dove raised by pigeons?? That would be cool. This is a kinda blurry pic sorry about that.
  22. (it's kinda a horror movie, tho not as scary as modern ones lol. I was honestly frustrated by the plot holes and how stupid the humans were as u can see in my rant above. But you shouldn't let that stop you, you might enjoy it!) Thanks for joining! After all this time I didn't think anyone would lol. Time to use a random number generator to see if you are a gen 1 adult/teen. Do you want me to randomize your age and circumstances too? Or would you rather make up a backstory for your character?
  23. @CheeseBurger rate my pigeon seagulls
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