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  1. Mistykit looked around, where should they go? (is the mist still here this time of day?)
  2. "Hi," said Dove in a friendly way, feeling a bit akward not knowing what Loop had told them about her, if anything.
  3. You made your way to the spot, the halls were mainly empty at the moment but would soon be bustling. You passed a group of kids chatting. -Stop and listen to what they were saying -Stop and introduce yourself -Keep going to the hangout spot -Other
  4. "H-hi," she said, unable to help the sudden shyness. What if he didn't like her? Didn't accept her? Would she be out on her own again, alone?
  5. (choose CCU so its even since I didnt know which one and chose Niche Country Wars)
  6. You were sitting in a clearing. It was night, gloomy and dark. Other cubs, most bigger than you, were sitting nearby, talking. -Go toward them -Look around more -Go away from them -Sniff and listen -Stay where you are -Call out -Other
  7. @Modiano Cards Plum ^ (you have a wound from the beast on your side (a scratch but since u are only a cub it sliced pretty deep) but have been dragged to safety) (Wait for her response, Safira)
  8. How are your rats doing?
  9. Mist Nothing came crashing behind you... Slowly the overpowering musty scent dissipated. Wulfy -Deep Sleep -Dream -Fitful sleep
  10. Mist It was quiet for a minute and you smelled the creature coming nearer. Suddenly, you heard growling and roaring behind you. The grasses rustled.
  11. @Lizardcake It was dark...your head hurt. You felt wet. -Open your eyes -Listen -Sniff the air -Lie there -Other
  12. Wulfy The creature yipped and jumped into the nest, an excited expression on its face.
  13. (I probably won't have much time today either lol. Usually I just respond whenever I am on and u csn respond whenever u are unless ur interacting with another player. U'll be fine as long as u dont go offline for like a week or more without announcing you will be gone)
  14. @SafiraCoyfolf drew Wulfy! I put it under his character appearance but here it is in the main thread like I did for Meeki
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