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  1. I don't know for sure that it is, (I've never tried it myself) but I know they need to be in the slot they were originally in, and renaming them can make that harder. What I mean by they need to be in the original slot is you can't have 2 slot 1 saves or multiple slot 3 saves in the appdata folder and they all work. All saves will go in their original slots
  2. (yes, i wouldn't rename them if I were u. Put them in folders named what the savefile is about to tell them apart file 0 is save 1, file 1 is file 2 and so on)
  3. Celina realized he must not have the best relationship with his own mother...but of course probing would be rude, since she barely knew him, "So, you're apart of Flower's group, then?" - Constellationkit wasn't much phased, Starkit was perfectly capable of handling it, now she was sure. And this way she could go search for her siblings. "Oh alright, looks like you have this handled. We have something exciting planned anyways. See you later!"
  4. Here's my own thread asking how to back up savefiles a while ago: The Seri video is very helpful if on Windows. Follow the link to the savefile and logfile thread and scroll down till u see the yt video embedded. Otherwise click on the other link provided for Mac.
  5. "Ah, I see. Well maybe I'll see if Beepaw is up for a hunt."
  6. I wouldn't try and move islands right away. Camp a rabbit burrow or constantly attempt to gather berries. Or find a crabbit or stagmole or anything u can kill for meat and use what little attack u have. Focus on collecting food and then breed. This probably wasn't very helpful. I think this challenge is honestly impossible
  7. (I mean I've never taken that long a break but I'm still confused when ppl change users and pfps... I have taken some short breaks tho)
  8. I just got Shelter 1 2 and 3! I'm putting up a youtube series where I play Shelter 3 and I hope to play all three games in reverse. If you guys want I will post a link to my first video where I was so bad one member of my herd died in the first stage (or is the one after the starting lake considered the second?) But I am getting the hang of the game now and will probably post episode 2 sometime this week. These games deserve a topic on here. So this topic isn't just about my playthroughs, it is about yours too and just general discussion about the games! And feel free to also discuss Paws and Meadow.
  9. (like I said, don't know the whole story. But not everyone selling NFTs has stolen them. Some artists who were unable to make any money with their own work before now can. Things are just tools. They can be used for good or evil. The world can become more dangerous because of the tools, or a better place. I don't know which direction NFTs will take the world. But I do know it isn't so cut and dry that they are simply evil, or at least I haven't seen any evidence of it. Well anyways, enjoy ur boycott of feral and cinder. I don't even mind it rlly. I also don't know what cinder is and if it encourages selling other people's work through NFTs (if it's copyrighted especially) or money laundering or any other bad thing besides just NFTs themselves you're right to boycott it.
  10. (I'm adopting Star Dragon, would you like them as an apprentice? Or would you rather make your own character or have someone make a new character to be your apprentice?)
  11. It is time to edit and create new characters again! This time you may add or promote 2 new characters of your own. There can be 2 new unaffiliated npcs or adoptables and one nee npc per group if you want. You may adopt a character without it counting toward your 2 new characters. Up to 3 new teams may be made. You can edit 2 things about a character now instead of one. Perks still count as one thing each. Also, I have edited the character submission form to include Owner. If you are creating the character for yourself, you can put "me" or say ur username. If adoptable put "none" or "adoptable". If NPC put that. If ur gifting to someone else put their user. It will most likely be a bit of time before game 4 to give everyone a chance to review the results of game 3 and make changes.
  12. (I know about NFTs because of prior research. I had never heard that they could be used for money laundering. It is true they could be and some people are, but traditional art is also used for money laundering sometimes and there are other more effective ways of money laundering in the digital world, as this article explains: https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/24/nft_users/ The current blockchain does guzzle a lot of electricity, but this problem will hopefully eventually be fixed maybe as they expand beyond etherium I do not know exactly how they are effecting artists, but I do know there are many digital artists benefiting from them at this point in time. https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-nfts-will-benefit-artists https://time.com/6093982/nft-art-teens-money/ So like everything, there are benefits and risks
  13. (sorry, I will remove the ping, just to be sure Polly is ralsei deltarune?)
  14. Also I think this was the fastest game yet...so maybe more ppl makes it faster? Or maybe we just got lucky that we didn't have to have nothing happen for 10 rounds? Anyways, here's the kill tally: Grass Eater was a killing machine this time with 8 kills. Stormderp Commander was next in his quest for glory and had 5 kills (including one of his own teamates) Twinrotains is third with 2 kills, though they are tied with Antlertuft, I guess the game has factored in that they helped make the final kill, tho it was only half a kill since Grass Eater helped. Either way, they are both fawns so it shouldn't matter point-wise.
  15. Round 12: OOP forget what I said just a minute ago... Twinrotains just needed some more muscle so they called Grass Eater to help them! RIP Lancer BUT this means.... THE FAWNS ARE VICTORIOUS! Also love how Grass Eater is washing the blood off his suit... And this is (I believe) the first time more than one person survived which is exciting! AND MY SHIP LIVED @Lilytuft with antlers can I make a child of Grass Eater and ur character or is that too weird? (u can make the child if u want as well I don't wanna kidnap ur characters child imeanwhat)
  16. Round 11: Quite a few corpses. Ah yes my ship still lives. OOOO nice Grass Eater that won't protect you but it may help u get the ladies. OOP um, I guess Twinrotains tried?? Well Lancer's still alive so you deltaruners still have hope. *Cries for child Fawnleap*
  17. (I'm back! Time to finish this thing! @ralsei deltarune @Modiano @A Nicheling v3.0 @Lilytuft with antlers @Pebble @Dragonkid9 @burghley deltarune Round 10: Not much happens but while we're at it lets see what teams are still alive... Dead teams: Died last round: Alive teams:
  18. Dove couldn't help but worry... "Well, seeing as we're at the wall, do you want to say hi to Dog before we go see Loop? He should be around here somewhere..."
  19. Beanleap tried his best not to think about his mother's condition, "So, who's up for some hunting? Or are you two on patrol in the next couple hours?"
  20. Mistykit watched the cat, waiting for them to get away from the entrance so she could use it. She also looked for bushes to hide in along the way to the secret entrance.
  21. "They're a handful," she purred, "but I love them anyways." - "Like what?" asked Constellationkit, her ears perking up.
  22. "I'll be home by dinner tonight, alright? I'll call you if anything happens."
  23. The creature had disapeared into a hole in the ground. You could catch its scent but it was long gone now.
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