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  1. It would be a part that requires nearly completing the game to unlock and would allow for satellite drones to provide fuel and or power to the drone core. It would be like the way the game was pre-alpha but would require effort to be able to do.
  2. Weapon upgrade tech tree improvement

    I still think this is a good idea given that it would be a late game upgrade and since this is a single player game balance isn't that big of a concern.
  3. Glitch with world eater snake

    I don't know what caused it but the snake just decided to freak out. Its pathing would also make it leave the planet entirely for a bit which is weird. Also I can't seem to find my save files as I am using the Steam version.
  4. Weapon upgrade tech tree improvement

    I think it would be interesting if after you conquer ~50 planets you can then start to harvest blue crystals which allow for higher tier upgrades and then at ~75 planets you can get green crystals which allow for top tier upgrades and if you collect enough of both and conquer ~100 planets you can add an extra slot for upgrades to your weapons, so instead of 3 different upgrades you can then have 4, and once all are cleared you can have 5.
  5. Weapon randomization/favorites

    I have found that yeah the satellites thing is broken but maybe if they added an item that used both fuel and electricity to transmit both fuel and electricity to the brain would be interesting and perhaps making it a late game unlock would also be balancing.
  6. Weapon randomization/favorites

    I think I figured out a weapon I need for my automated arena drone a 3 mod flame thrower with particle amount increase, particle life time increase, and particle speed increase. If anyone has those three on any type of thrower I would love it if you could share the drone file. PS the arena drone is autonomous after you move cursor to a 45 from vertical or horizontal so that it gets into a corner all_purpose_v2.nimbatusdrone arena.nimbatusdrone
  7. Weapon randomization/favorites

    well this is my current drone which can one shot a mother hive and i am trying to make a new smaller less powerful scout like drone to replace it as this one is a bit unwieldy and requires a solar panel satellite drone.
  8. What is your favorite weapon and does anyone have any recommendations on which merchant is best for getting flame throwers or spark throwers?