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  1. Yeah lol 30 is a lot, 10 or 15 makes more sense
  2. Pouncers are slightly smaller than an adult big bodied nichelings, but slightly larger than a medium bodied nichelings. Pouncer's body shape is the head of a clouded leopard, the body and legs of a black panther and the tail of a cougar. They are a dark mossy green color, light brown belly, and many small light brown stripes on their torso, back of their head and upper part of their legs. Pouncers will only attack nichelings with 2 gems and under. Pouncers attack your nichelings in the night, like bearyenas. They attack by sitting in any type of tree and waiting for your nichelings to fa
  3. I would love to have a poison claw that would give the nicheling: +2 Strength +1 Poison Resistance +1 Poison I think it would look similar to the claw but with tinted color at the tips (So you know how nichelings are a certain color when they have toxic body? That color for the nicheling, but for the tips of the claw.)
  4. Hi! My name is Cactus Nicheling and I've been playing Niche since late 2018. I really like Niche a lot and love trying out challenges. My favorite challenges are the Amazon Challenge, Two Tribe Challenge and the Carnivore Challenge. I also like to make up challenges. I think I'm a fairly good player and can survive pretty ok. I really like Niche and I think it's a really fun game. Anyway, hello!
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