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  1. YOU HAVE NO PROOF! *casually hides gun behind back*
  2. What if I told you I was the killer? Not that I'd admit to it, of course.
  3. What day did you die?

    1. Blizzard Starless

      Blizzard Starless

      April 3rd I think. Idk

  4. You're right...post activity searching is hard Wait what day did Blizzard die?
  5. You probably have ultierior motives you don't want us to know. I'll be checking your post activity for any...unusual- interactions with blizzard.
  6. Execution was worried about being spotted.
  7. Blizzard was still alive before you killed him. So you would've been there either way. ------------------------------------------ Blizzard's ghost reading through the chaos in this thread be like:
  8. The "..."s are a dead(figuratively) giveaway. You're hiding something. And I know what it is. >:)
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