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  1. They hibernate next to their mothers, since it would be a little TOO unfair if they both needed one.
  2. The Black Bear Challenge is simply just... pretending your Nichelings are black bears. SETUP To start, set your lifespan and damage multipliers to this: Note - I also recommend setting the adult lifespan to 90, so they can survive two years Genes The genes should include the following: - Bearyena Ears - No Horns - Any Eyes - Bearyena Snout - Big Body or Medium Body - Claw, Bearyena Claw, Runner Leg, Digger Paw, or Velvet Paw - Medium Tail - Black Fur or Black + Any of the browns - Brown or Black eyes - Any colored pattern - Mask or No Pattern Make two Nichelings with these genes, male and female. Make sure they are minimum 22 days old so they spawn in as adults. Set your start conditions to the following: (Nesting material is optional) Keep World Settings the same, but disable all bears and rouge males. Bearyenas are optional. You can start on Grassland , Archipelago or Snow island. RULES Seasons Seasons are the most important rule in this challenge. Every 10 days, the season changes. Spring - The season you start in. In spring, you are allowed to cheat and trigger rain two times. Have the male and female bears move away from each other. Summer - Breeding Season. Bring the male and female together and breed them, then have them spilt away from each other. Autumn - All bears begin looking for a place to hibernate (Next to a rock, On a stump/ Rabbil Den, On a Nest, etc) and start collecting a lot of food. They do not move into their chosen hibernation spot until the last day of Autumn. Females are allowed to build nests if they don't have a hibernation spot already. By being adjacent to a water tile, you get a free 3 food per turn spent. Winter - If all bears have a hibernation den, then leave them there and skip forward 10 days to spring. Delete anything dangerous that approaches them. If a bear does not have a hibernation den, they take 2 days of damage per turn without one. Wanderers When you encounter a wanderer, roll a random number generator of 1-4. If it rolls a 4, it's another bear. Edit it's genes so it looks like one. Chase it away or add it to your tribe to breed with later. If it rolls a 1-3, it's just something you can hunt or chase away. Upon killing them, you can give yourself 15 food. Cubs After giving birth to them, mothers are obligated to stay near their children, preferably right next to them. When they become adolescents, they can stay with their mother or leave. If they choose to stay, here are some optional challenges. If they succeed all of them, you are allowed to edit an immunity gene. - Take them to a stream - Have them hunt a Rabbil or Stagmole - Have them chase off a wanderer or bear That's it! Let me know if there's anything I overlooked.
  3. I would say you can bend the rule to your fitting. If you need them to start a new pack, then yes, you can change their genes. If a child is born without saber fangs, do whatever you want. Banish them, send them off to form a new pack, edit their genes, or keep breeding them to see how long the gene persists. It's really up to you
  4. Smilodon challenge! Want to have saber-tooth "tiger" Nichelings with realism? I got you covered! SETUP To start, make two Nichelings with the following genes: - Bearyena/Medium Ears - No Horns - Saber Tooth Fangs - Big Body/Medium Body - At least one "claw" gene - Medium Tail Now that you have your Nichelings, you have to pick an island. The genes above are built for a snow biome, so I recommend that. You can edit it to suit other ones, but must keep big or medium body recessive. Set Baby duration to one day, Child to 5, Teen to 5, Adult to 40. Damage multipliers are up to you. Start with 30 food. RULES - Eat only meat. - When giving birth to Nichelings, have at least two in a row. - Live in small packs, up to 5 Nichelings in one pack. After going above 5, have some move to a different spot on the island to make their own pack. - If two large (3+) packs encounter each other, roll to see which one wins a battle for territory. Inflict the losing pack with damage and bleed, and have them flee. - Do NOT invite wanderer Nichelings. Only invite them if starting a new pack and they have saber-tooth fangs. OTHER The rules are to be added onto as time passes! Send me your gameplay just to see how it goes
  5. You can stay on the same island as long as it's an a archipelago island, or the island is large enough for them to be far away from each other. Foxes are omnivores.
  6. Your starter Nichelings are the last few of their species- thankfully they were male and female and could breed. The island they were on was just a bit too severe for the rest of the tribe. The remaining Nichelings could thrive in it, however. But due to them being forced out of their species' niche, they have to move to a new island sooner or later. SETUP Your starter Nichelings can look however you want. The only requirement for them is that they must be suited for the island you pick for them. For example, you start on a snow island. They need to have either Big Body or Heat Body, and cannot have something that lowers their cold resistance, like Big Ears (They can have unfitting recessive genes though). Age settings can be whatever you like, as well as pregnancy duration. Enable All Genes Unlocked. Everything else us up to you. RULES You must get off the starting island within 20 days. If you fail to do so, you cannot collect food until you get to another island. When moving to a new island, you have to stay there until the majority of the young population is suited to the environment. And by suited, I don't mean they just have Lean Body. I mean that they have a full set of dominant genes that go for the environment. (example: Lean Body, Big Ears, Insect Collecting for savannah islands) After your Nicheling's young population is suited to a new environment, use a random number generator (0-10). If it rolls between 0 and 5, you have no penalty. Wait 10 days before rolling again. If you roll between 6 and 7, there is a sickness spreading. Give a Nicheling of your choosing (that isn't far away from others) the status effect sleeping sickness or common cold. Roll again once no one has it anymore. If you roll between 8 and 10, then another species has seized your role in the ecosystem. You have 15 days to leave the island. If you fail to leave in 15 days, you cannot collect food until you leave. No inviting wanderers or rouges. They are considered as a different species of Nicheling to your tribe. If you do breed with one, set the child's fertility to infertile with console commands. Same thing with Bearyena hybrids. Since this may cause inbreeding problems, you are allowed to change immunity genes with console commands if you're in a pinch. Since your tribe is supposed to be it's own species, give it some extra rules! Like, "Males of this species of Nicheling leave the female after breeding. If he happens to find her again while still caring for their offspring, he may attack them." or "This species of Nicheling has no parental instinct. Once offspring are born, the parents leave them." Going further with the previous rule, give your Nichelings a defined diet. You CANNOT start as an omnivore. If your diet is too hard in your current biome, you can switch diets.The time for transitioning between diets are: Herbivore --> Carnivore (5 days without collecting food) Carnivore --> Herbivore (6 days without collecting food) Herbivore/Carnivore --> Omnivore ( 8 days without collecting food ) Omnivore --> Herbivore/Carnivore ( 1 day without collecting food ) Alright, that's it! Show me your playthroughs, or your "Species rules". I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.
  7. This challenge is based on red foxes, as the title implies! To start off, make a sandbox game. Set lifespans to 1 Baby, 7 Child, 8 Teen, 40 or more for adult. Keep pregnancy duration the same. Turn blind genes on. Your two starter Nichelings should have the following genes: Any ears except Round Ears No horns Any eyes Big Nose Big, Medium, or Lean Body Any paw except Wings, Bat Wings, Mammoth Foot, and Webbed Paws Any Legs except Webbed Hind Legs Medium Tail Melanism and Albinism is up to you. Yellow Fur or Beige Fur + Red Fur or Red Brown Fur Any Eye color Any horn color White Pattern Mask The rest of the genes are for you to decide. If you want, you can completely disregard this section. You can start with whatever amount of food you want, but I recomend 50. If you really want it to be hard, set it to 30-20. Now for the actual challenge. You can start on any island. Don't breed until you've found a permanent nest. After you find one, breed the male and female. Move the female onto the nest. As long as the female is pregnant, they cannot move off the nest. You should probably keep the male close, since they'll be breeding every turn. When the female gives birth, roll a random number generator of 3-7. That number is the amount of kits you have. Every day, breed the male and female until you have the amount of kits you rolled. Use the console commands to set every kit to 1 day old. The kits have to stay on adjacent tiles to the mother or nest, or use areas with grass cleared by the nest. The mother stays to protect the kits, while the male is allowed to leave and gather food. After the kits become teens, they either leave the mother and disperse or stay to care for the next litter as subordinates. The breeding pair cannot breed again until the kits reach adulthood. After they do, you can either continue on a new island as one of the kits or have another litter with your starter Nichelings. If you start on a new island, find a wanderer or rouge. If you want to keep a fox-like appearance, use console commands to edit their genes. Even if they already have something like Big Nose, add it again to make sure they don't have recessive bat head or something. Alright, that's it! Show me your playthroughs!
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