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  1. Hey hey hey it’s ok guys, I’m back!
  2. Hey everyone!!! Been a while but I’m happy to be back! A lots happened in the years I was gone but I hope I can just jump back in like old times! And hey, I never got to make one of these in the first place so I guess now’s my time. I hope to reclaim my position as feature requests master in the Niche forum for all of you who remember me!
  3. I’ve seen some people say that Razorahnas are a mix between Razor fish and Piranha before.
  4. I understand those who want to balance their genes by lowering stats but subtracting from speed has always seemed like an iffy one because you want your creatures to have at least 1 speed. Of course you could say it’s reduced until you get to 1 speed but I dunno there’s just something I don’t like about too much reduction to speed.
  5. Well, I would recommend at least going to leave a comment on the other suggestion with your input.
  6. Hi, a similar suggestion can be found here:
  7. Feel free to post suggestions here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/15-feature-requests/ I'd be happy to see them!
  8. Haha thanks, technically never left just back to posting feature requests!
  9. A similar suggestion can be found here: By the way, venom currently does not stack, I’ve been trying to think of ways for it to stack but the idea isn’t quite finalized yet.
  10. Thanks for the info! Also I was well aware about the differences between your post and the following posts I just thought that I might as well bring them up for people who were thinking about the other kind of more nests.
  11. Hi, there are already similar suggestions here:
  12. I like the idea! Although I have a couple of questions: Would it only be able to be built on shores considering it’s mechanics? How would the added stats of the hole next work? Also here are some other nest suggestions:
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