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  1. Pokestardragacraft

    Post an inside joke with an explanation

    This letter —> H, is pronounced “hay-ch” and not “ay-ch” This is just how I was raised to say it until one of my friends pointed it out and how it annoyed them. Now I constantly emphasize it whenever I get a chance to say it just to annoy them.
  2. Pokestardragacraft

    Forum categories

    Maybe there could be mechanics and minor changes as other categories. Also I’d totally organize everything too.
  3. Pokestardragacraft

    Forum categories

    @Philo What do you think?
  4. Pokestardragacraft

    Hybrid Genes for Existing Entities and How to Obtain Them (from Rabbils to Apes)

    Glad to see that we agree on most things, and yea I like the idea of combining our ideas for the ape taming method. But for the fur colors, I understand the practical aspect of them, my issue is with the actual aesthetics. For example, the blue fur with the moss brown fur.
  5. Pokestardragacraft

    Hybrid Genes for Existing Entities and How to Obtain Them (from Rabbils to Apes)

    I like some of the ideas you have and appreciate the feedback! For the Ramfoxes, you’ll notice that a lot of our gene suggestions are similar, the Bearyena genes are there as currently existing gene options as mentioned in the intro. As for the hindlegs, the issue with no swimming is that the hindlegs gene is meant to allow for every creature to have at least one speed and one swimming so that you cannot have an immobile creature. It’s more obvious with speed since most creatures are land based but it still applies to the water as well. For the apes, I made it pretty hard to maintain tameability on purpose but I do like your idea for taming cool too. My only issue with the taking method is that maybe it should be a little more difficult since the genes you get from it are pretty beneficial. Either that or it could just be a very rare event but that could get annoying. I also like your take on genes like how the ears could disable the horn genes and the normal Ape Snout. However I think that +5 smelling and seeing is too much especially when you consider after much breeding that you could have creatures with all of the beneficial ape traits. Maybe if you have the Giant Nose it could disable eyesight and having Giant Eyes could disable smelling just for balance. As for the fur colors, I’m not sure how they would work since you need to consider fur colors are co-dominant and therefore will mix with the preexisting fur colors.
  6. Pokestardragacraft


    Hi you can find a similar suggestion here:
  7. Pokestardragacraft

    Does LINE WEBTOON sound familiar to you?

  8. Pokestardragacraft

    give stinky tail cold resistance

    I understand how this makes sense, but I think that if we were to get this then the medium tail should have +2 cold resistantance.
  9. Pokestardragacraft

    Does LINE WEBTOON sound familiar to you?

    Yes, hello😄? Just a warning though, I don’t read a lot of the really REALLY popular ones.
  10. Pokestardragacraft

    Share your best maps!

    Soon, patience is key...
  11. Pokestardragacraft

    Didn't Get Completed Achievements (Albinism and Adam's Curse)

    Hi, were you online when you should’ve received these achievements? You need to be online to receive achievements. You can check next time if you can bring up the Steam overlay in-game and if you can, you’ll know you’re online. Niche has always been a little glitchy with achievements, if you still have the albino creature, I recommend logging out and logging back in.
  12. Pokestardragacraft

    New Predator - Beeidow (work in progress)

    Maybe this idea can be combined with this one:
  13. Pokestardragacraft

    Can't get Perry the platypus achievement

    I’d recommend that you exit and try again later. And if you can, move your creature to another island, achievements usually work better when there are less nichelings to process.
  14. Pokestardragacraft

    Favorite Danger Noodle?

    Well a corn snake is a type of rat snake so if @Basil can edit the poll, make Rat/Corn Snake would be better for Corn Snake
  15. Pokestardragacraft

    Bush horns

    I like the idea with the modifications of the comments. I personally think that maybe -1 speed (unless you only have 1 speed) could make it a little less overpowered while still being able to grow berries.