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  1. Pokestardragacraft


    No problem! 😄
  2. Pokestardragacraft

    Take a question, leave a question.

    Japan if I wanna be adventurous, but the UK if I wanna be practical. I would really have to adapt to the culture in Japan, but I think I’d really enjoy it for a couple of years. The UK since I already speak English and I visited London and it was basically like I never left the US. My friend recently asked me out and neither of us have ever been in a romantic relationship. Any date ideas besides movies or dinners? (Heads up, I’m a highschool student)
  3. Pokestardragacraft


  4. Pokestardragacraft

    Make Leeches more Visible and allow more than one on the body

    Yea, it was edited and not an actual in-game feature.
  5. Pokestardragacraft

    Having Four Gems/Action Points Again

    Well, how the four gems worked was your Nichelings aged up normally but overnight, you would only regain two gems instead of all of them. Of course it can be different now, but that’s just how it worked before.
  6. Pokestardragacraft

    Hybrid Genes for Existing Entities and How to Obtain Them (from Rabbils to Apes)

    I’m aware
  7. Pokestardragacraft

    different pupil shapes

    Well, I believe a mod merged BirdsAreCool’s suggestion with this suggestion which caused the votes to reset.
  8. Pokestardragacraft

    different pupil shapes

    Well, I think I know what happened, but I wouldn’t know of any way to reverse it.
  9. Pokestardragacraft

    Things that I want in niche

    Hi, welcome to the forums! Be sure to separate your ideas into individual posts. Also I would like to recommend being more specific so people can understand your ideas better.
  10. Pokestardragacraft

    different pupil shapes

    How did this lose like 40+ votes?
  11. Pokestardragacraft

    Cool genes and ape breading

    Don’t worry about it! I did the same thing in fact. I’m just here to inform you about the forums and post similar posts so votes don’t get split.
  12. Pokestardragacraft

    Cool genes and ape breading

    Hi, welcome to the forums! On the features requests forums, there is a rule to separate all requests into their own posts. Also there have already been suggestions for the following here:
  13. Pokestardragacraft

    different pupil shapes

    Hi, welcome to the forums! This has already been suggested here:
  14. Pokestardragacraft

    Reptile Genes

    Oh, don’t worry about it! I just like to provide links to similar suggestions so people can vote for both so the votes don’t get split. In your case, I would leave it up since your gene suggestions are different to the ones in the links I posted.
  15. Pokestardragacraft

    Reptile Genes

    Hi! Welcome to the forums @caracaal! This suggestion is similar to these: