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  1. whit the screenshot system it won t even be a problem
  2. everytime i spawn in a biobarrel mission planet they explode immediatly don t know why and kinda ruin the mission cause i can t do it cause almost all of the barrel explode
  3. so i just tested restarting my computer and creating a new file ,did exactly the same thing and the bug happen so there a lot of hope for u to find it micha
  4. just delete all weapon and try to create new
  5. as long as i don t delete the basic weapon im good if i do delete them them the bug happen it might also be my computer the problem cause in the program log i have 2 nimbatus runing but none are open so ill try to restart my cpu to see if it help have fun guy P.S. the lava update is amazing Slot3.nimbatusSaveGame Slot3.nimbatusSaveGame.Meta
  6. it seem like if u are removing all basic weapon the game glicht and weapon arte all fuck top also sorry for spaming the reply system
  7. and it does that whit every weapon i even try to delete all created weapon then save then go back then enter then creating weapon and the game just say f*** y** (sorry for cursing but im piss off)
  8. so um this is wierd and frustating since the lava update(the recent one) everytime im trying to create a new weapon it just don t work im trying (on a new created word) to make a freezing lazer but somehow it just now working ill explain the detail to know - ive deleted every starter weapon to create my own - my first weapon is a blaster whit kinectic ammo and -20 power, speed 1 and damage 1 - i did not rename the weapon - that weapon succesfully created and i don t have any problem whit - second weapon that im trying to create is a long lazer whit cryo ammo and -20 power and damage 1 - this weapon created whit the name of the first weapon but ive rename it and PRESS ENTER (if not the name don t register and it annoing) - when exiting the tech tree i see the 2 weapon in the weapon folder - i select the weapon , put it on my drone and then keybinding it - i want more so i do Ctrl-C , Ctrl-v . . . and then here start the wierdness for some reason it copy paste the blaster -.- then im trying it again and the same thing happen im trying to save the drone ,quit the file and relog the save and. . . selecting the drone edit the drone go in weapon and my laser is not there anymore trying to find it in the tech tree and nothing so ive try to restart the game thinking it was a corrupt loading abd the same thing happen. . . it kinda sad but also it a closed alpha so expect some major bug like this one
  9. my idea here is to create one block/a set of block that will have the option to link on more than one block to have stronger connection like the way we used to connect to other block but add the link symbol when click to have a visual on what block u have linked i thought about having the possibilities to have 4 connection point on those block
  10. my idea here is to have a block that augment/add a/the limit build of the main part aka the drone 2 idead here first augment the circle by 1/4 of the original size (so there a point where that change will never been seen) second idea (my favorite) is that the block connected act like an extension so the drone will have an extended circle range but only where the block is (merge circle) so whit those idea we will have more easy rigid large drone
  11. is simple as that piston !!! having such a thing could be a hole world of new concept build like a new walker desing or just a simple reacher my idea is that piston will extract the range of the build limit aka the yello circle and have a force to it the force is the speed of the action and have a limit gauge too this is my suggetion for a new mechanic part
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