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  1. day two of the jungle, found a few breeding pairs (luckily), this is already extremely irritating (thank you though fogwauil)
  2. just realized it looks like i copied the "i'm your wishes" playthrough. just want to let y'all know i didn't. only had the same idea, got back to the forums like a day ago and i hadn't even seen the other one
  3. Grass texture on tree stump tiles
  4. oh that sounds terrifying Sileana died btw, the pink one who was breeding with the wanderer i found who's been sitting by the tree.
  5. these are out of order. basically adam died, has two babies, found a probably super helpful wanderer.
  6. Eve's dead already but i found a wanderer with the tree stump and got another baby. breeding sireana (pink one) with the wanderer because i need babies. having the wanderer take over the tree stump cause he's virtually useless.
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