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  1. day two of the jungle, found a few breeding pairs (luckily), this is already extremely irritating (thank you though fogwauil)
  2. just realized it looks like i copied the "i'm your wishes" playthrough. just want to let y'all know i didn't. only had the same idea, got back to the forums like a day ago and i hadn't even seen the other one
  3. Grass texture on tree stump tiles
  4. oh that sounds terrifying Sileana died btw, the pink one who was breeding with the wanderer i found who's been sitting by the tree.
  5. these are out of order. basically adam died, has two babies, found a probably super helpful wanderer.
  6. Eve's dead already but i found a wanderer with the tree stump and got another baby. breeding sireana (pink one) with the wanderer because i need babies. having the wanderer take over the tree stump cause he's virtually useless.
  7. gross island, will probably go right to try to find a better place to stockpile
  8. pleasantly surprised. (mutated normal eyesight, want to get rid of that bad vision asap)
  9. basically i'm gonna do a normal storymode playthrough b u t if y'all have ideas for challenges/ways to torture me i'm required to do them for however long is reasonable. you could literally say 'move islands with three nichelings' while i'm trying to stockpile and get better creatures and only have the descendants of rogues. yes i know that's oddly specific. leave me alone. by the way, i haven't forgotten about my challenge playthrough, and i mayyyy go back to it, but i'm not sure yet. for now, enjoy my pain!
  10. so here's the current state of things. i have no idea what's going on.
  12. Raana! Hi! You probably don't remember me- account switch- but I drew your yellow nicheling. It was my first time drawing one. My username was Raining. Dyou remember that at all?
  13. y'all i think i still have the save
  14. So I found it, but still can't get back in. Thought I might as well make a post about it to see if it'll ring a bell and anyone might remember me. https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/profile/4331-rainwater/
  15. You get it when more people react to your posts than anyone else's
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