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  1. You stand up and stretched, yawning. -Step out of the cave -Look around
  2. You try and try but to no avail, your eyes stay shut. -Mew -Try to open your eyes -Nurse -Sleep
  3. Sammy huffed before laughing, "I'll get you back." -Your reply You followed after the deer's scent and soon you see it. The doe walks through the field, guiding her fawn. You follow closely and hidden. -Charge at them? @Kira.APK Day 1 - Sunny 10 points The sound of water can heard as you wake up. Your leafy bed doesn't feel as comfortable as it did last night, you let out a sigh. -Get up -Go back to sleep
  4. "Are we actually gonna be late or did you just wanna be mean?" -Your reply You walked into the flower field, bees buzzed by and landed on flowers. The place was beautiful and surely had some life besides flowers and insects. You sniffed the air and smelled deer, not too far off. -What will you do?
  5. Let's get this show on the road @da1sy Day 1 Rain can be heard outside of the shelter, the sounds of your siblings snoring can be heard. -Get up -Go back to sleep @__________________________ Day 1 You open your eyes to the cold and dark cave you've grown accustomed to, your mother no where in sight. -Get up -Try to go back to sleep
  6. @__________________________ Day 1 - Snowy The company of your mother and siblings keeps you warm from the harsh weather. -Mew -Try to open your eyes -Nurse -Sleep
  7. BOOM Two of my Wings of Fire OCs, Icebreaker and Queen Icicle
  8. *sweats as I look at my many many OCs*
  9. My newest dragon grew up and instantly gave her all the stuff I bought for her Plague dragon
  10. You go and explore the shaded place of the pack territory. You didn't pay attention and tripped on a tree root luckily you fall into a pile of leaves. You get back up and see a field of flowers. -What will you do? Sammy pinned his ear against his head and looked at you, silently saying "really?" -Your reply
  11. I used to see them as demi-girl but now I see him as pangender
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