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  1. I might have Covid and I'm getting tested for it tomorrow

    Yesterday I was really tired and groggy and now I feel the same but worse and my eyes are super sensitive to light

    1. Modths are butterflies

      Modths are butterflies

      I hope you feel better soon

    2. Crow-Pup-Artooie


      Thank you

      At least I'm able to be in my living room where my ps4 is cause my mom made it darker for me

  2. Okay so I redrew a meme with my OCs Aleana(vampire) and Finn(khajiit)
  3. I drew two of my Skyrim OCs as a certain meme and I don't know if I should share it here Otherwise it's on the OCs' Toyhouse pages and soon my insta and tumblr
  4. I will mostly just post art in this but yeah
  5. My beloved gooey demon cat Thank you again
  6. If you want Choose someone from my toyhouse to draw https://toyhou.se/doctorsorders/characters Or just Tot
  7. Confetti? (It's a cropped image of the ref I made so ignore the cut off words)
  8. You walk up to your mother who was trying to build the fence so that more animals or machines won't destroy the crops, you ask what you can do. "You can go help your sister with planting new crops, something got to some of the crops last night." -Go help - Go do something else
  9. Discord is wonderful (I'm Funtime Foxy btw)
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