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  1. Drew four of my Warriors OCs that are leaders and alive at the same time -Lightningstar is the daughter of a great leader named Stormstar and the fact her father is seen as a hero makes her doing herself along with the fact she's half-clan. Surronded by a lot of death and pain, she has a hard time believing she was the right choice when her father died and the previous deputy, Ivyeye, refused to become leader. She is the mother to Tigerscar, Cougarflame, Thunderheart, and Fawnflank and was mates with a tom named Maplefur before realizing she was a leisban. -Ravagestar, originally named Roughfoot due to him having a paralyzed paw, is an intimidating leader though he is not a ruthless murderer like most cats from his old "clan" who resided in a twoleg place, made of concrete and metal. Hardened by the wildness and the metal place, Ravagestar proved himself worthy of being a respected warrior and deputy of Thistleclan when he joined.he killed the previous leader of Thistleclan, Thornstar, a cruel leader who wanted Whiteclan gone from the territory, soon after he was made deputy and him fully seeing the true cat that was Thornstar. He changed his prefix to Ravage before becoming the new leader of Thistleclan. He had a mate named Frostclaw and had three kits, Blackkit, Terrorkit, and Snowkit, but sadly Frostclaw and the kits died to disease. -Spottedstar is an ex-kittypet who left their easy life for the harsh clan life after meeting a tom(and later mate) Frogleap, and learning about the clans. He was only born with three legs and was neutered by their twolegs so the clan cats were unsure of what to think of them but still he was trained to be a warrior as hard as he could. They were appointed deputy after the death of Loststar, a now dead leader of Mistclan, by Rabbitstar and when Rabbitstar died, Spottedstar became the leader of Mistclan. -Cloudstar was born deaf and was looked down apon a lot in her life. Though a lot of cats doubted Cloudstar's abilities, her mentor, a half blind ex-rouge she-cat named Robin, taught her how to hunt and fight despite her deafness. When she was a full on warrior, she had the help of the med-cat, Snagtail, during gatherings and most interactions with her clanmates. After the death of Mosswhisker, the previous deputy, Sandstar hesitantly made Cloudstar deputy. Though she is still doubted by some cats, she has proven to be a great leader.
  2. Anothe rone The background took a long time
  3. Making an Undertale universe with OCs Anyway here's Magpie
  4. Hyperfixtaing on Borderlands so I'm drawing two of my OCs Nora and Irene Got one sketch done(It looks really good to me)
  5. I use them cause they're fun to use and make me more comfortable in my gender identity(plus I use all pronouns except she/her so that includes neos)
  6. Sketch(it looks weird cause I don't have any refrence images)
  7. I might have Covid and I'm getting tested for it tomorrow

    Yesterday I was really tired and groggy and now I feel the same but worse and my eyes are super sensitive to light

    1. Modiano, Eater of Worlds

      Modiano, Eater of Worlds

      I hope you feel better soon

    2. Crow-Pup-Artooie


      Thank you

      At least I'm able to be in my living room where my ps4 is cause my mom made it darker for me

  8. Okay so I redrew a meme with my OCs Aleana(vampire) and Finn(khajiit)
  9. I drew two of my Skyrim OCs as a certain meme and I don't know if I should share it here Otherwise it's on the OCs' Toyhouse pages and soon my insta and tumblr
  10. I will mostly just post art in this but yeah
  11. My beloved gooey demon cat Thank you again
  12. If you want Choose someone from my toyhouse to draw https://toyhou.se/doctorsorders/characters Or just Tot
  14. Confetti? (It's a cropped image of the ref I made so ignore the cut off words)
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