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  1. I have gotten a year older and I am 16 now
  2. Starting with Yui
  3. Splatoon headcanons I posted on my insta story and are too lazy to rewrite them (Why are two of them blurry)
  4. Crow

    Crow's art dump

    Made Petra her own comic book cover thing
  5. Crow

    Crow's art dump

    While desperately trying to avoid anything about New Years I drew my spidersona Petra
  6. If this is still open Then Tot? They're a cat basically(a gooey demon one) (^featuring Kibble who became an oc through me trying to draw a cat on insta stories)
  7. Crow

    Crow's art dump

    Finished jt Bayou the orcaling and Aquata the octoling
  8. Crow

    Crow's art dump

    The orcaling is done ad I decided to name her Bayou
  9. Realized that since my little brother made an account on the Xbox in my room that means whoever made it for him must've seen that i changed the name for mine from my dead one to my current one(this is the third time this has happened)
  10. Crow

    Crow's art dump

    All eeveelutions + WIP of splatoon ocs(they don't have names yet and I'm not sure if the band name I came up with will work) Also I've been listening to an extended version Nasty Majesty over and over while drawing them
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