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  1. btw this cult also has a discord server
  2. i would try this but im scared of hitting the windows key or something and like......idk, deleting my operating system on accident. windows button is mysterious and scary, man
  3. k lets get this party started the original Wolvden NBW, sinister butter ("sin" for short), named for her markings that make her look shaded dramatically, like she's planning something, but she's also bright yellow. she's my favorite wolf of my entire pack, the ur mom gang, even tho she's just a pupsitter. old art i drew of sin there's also some great art a friend of mine drew of sin but its so great that im worried it might get stolen if i post it here 😔
  4. hey.......hey do y'all wanna draw snowy (wolvden character that i kinda wanna draw actually)
  5. do y'all wanna see these quartzes i got in the minecraft gempire mod? no? have them anyway bc i love them and ive been wanting quartzes ever since my first gem injection about...6 rubies ago
  6. somebody plz look at this texture i did bc i wanna make a portal 2 minecraft mod. its blurry and small bc its 32 x 32. this is a core item. i wanna have a huge amount of variety so the eye is closed cuz it would be weird if the eye color changed when you spawn it- plus deactivated cores have been shown ingame in portal 2 as having their eye closed. man this would be really cool if i knew literally anything about coding
  7. i have so much random garbage saved on my laptop plz help (mostly from google images) also sorry 'bout the media spam 166143853_904431130394538_2390597811656218715_n_1.mp4
  8. sorry but i cant really think rn because of extremely warm weather and questionable air quality, so i guess im still just stuck on a rant i had earlier today
  9. aghgh, im just mad about how stray fawn is doing literally nothing with niche, and how they somehow managed to have an extreme bug on Xbox where genes don't have tooltips in the mutation menu, and how they still haven't fixed it (to my knowledge)
  10. it means "shaking my head". example: smh stray fawn doesn't care about niche anymore.
  11. i already knew how to do this, and this was the whole problem. i recently angerly ranted to someone about the state of niche's development and i swear i am going to riot if yet another thing spits in the face of niche's community and its completely wasted potential. we all know you don't care about your own game, even though you used to.
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