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  1. Name: Pebble Gender/Pronouns: She/Her Picture: Other: Based off a Roly Poly/Pillbug, Can actually curl up into a ball, Markings are around 75% opacity of the 3rd color listed, layered on top of the main fur color, i accidentally colored her eyebrows wrong in the 2nd drawing, they're supposed to be the pattern color Shell cannot be removed, Often trips over her own extra legs, Quite absent-minded and shy, and has a slow reaction time
  2. yOOOOO- i don't use twitch, and i don't watch DanTDM anymore (stopped watching years ago), but good for them
  3. 100th post on the forums and its nicheling space core
  4. "-and chew on the cut off finger"
  5. RubyDreams

    bug cats

    anyway here's my baby she's done- she a roly poly/pillbug and she currently has no name
  6. RubyDreams

    bug cats

    i'm guessing that you mean no NSFW when you say "no weird stuff"
  7. oooh i'd love to join this at some point, i've never been able to find an RP that's in any of my fandoms or anything, or just generally one that accepts me. haven't made a bugcat yet tho
  8. RubyDreams

    bug cats

    i think i may need to make a rolly-poly (idk how to spell it-) bugcat because yes also may i ask, what do you mean by "weird stuff", cuz that's kinda...not very specific
  9. hi. i'm Ruby. (She/Her) i've been extremely active on the forums since april 2nd, but i got niche around 3 years ago, and got nimbatus during its early access. didn't actually know it was made by Stray Fawn when getting it. anyway, i do art and keep trying to do writing (mostly fanfiction), but failing after i lose motivation from simply not being able to think of words. current fandoms are Portal 2, ENA, and of course i'll always be a furry, although Portal 2 is currently the most dominant of these fandoms. anyway here's some art i did a while ago that i never finished- (the reason why the character is off-center is because it was gonna be a character ref, and the empty space was gonna be where info/other drawings were gonna go)
  10. i love this song, its good at both 2x speed and x0.5 speed
  11. oh my god they made hexagons from niche into a real thing
  12. ok i fixed the issue-
  13. issue: im a big stupid dumb idiot who forgot to color the inner legs with the color for the longfall boots
  14. i made a minecraft skin of Chell (the player character) from portal 2
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