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  1. ok i checked and it would appear to be a 1.17 version of Optifine, that's a boring most recent file
  2. my most recent file is a mashup of Soft Fuzzy Man and Two Trucks and i would post it but i think its a tad too NSFW for this extremely youth-centered website, so i wont
  3. THE BIO THING IS BACK????? well i change my old bio heavily now
  4. "i think he killed baby villager jesus" - one of my friends
  5. NRE VOOKIR surprisingly did not press windows button
  6. thing in a kind of lore/story/universe thinbg im doing, also thank
  7. art dump of like, the two current smoke spirits
  8. i was able to grab my eggnog, its very very sweet, i like it a lot
  9. oh wait oh no how do i grab my eggnog
  10. so slippery, so frictionless, so powerful
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