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  1. I will probably be like a ghost haunting this place now because I don't have much to say. Anyone been counting how much months it has been?
  2. More people saying they don't believe me. Great.
  3. full story in our private chat
  4. Because she said Everyone hates me, and I should never come back
  5. oof I already said I'm back in introductions
  6. I'm glad polly isn't around here much now So I'm back. No one else hates me, ri-i-ght???
  7. yeah like seriously where is polly
  8. I don't see polly around much now... So I guess I can stop hiding
  9. I did get my second chance. I failed it.
  10. Never looking in this post ever again. Say whatever you want. I don't care I'm sorry I failed
  11. CuteBirbys

    I can't

    I just can't so many new people hello everyone. I am just a person who no one believes and I said a lot of wrong things, sharing a lot of stories... I just only have one friend. I need people to talk to, but they get annoyed pretty quickly and don't believe me. polly hates me, and maybe everyone else. Everyone I met is long lost... I can't anymore sharing too much again. I hate everyone except my only friend and my sister PurrSnoutMaster(yeah she's my sister)
  12. these times everybody was excited, new person, now no one believes me.
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