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  1. yes slime = snot. I don't want to use slime blocks anymore
  2. Hey psm can u activate the server pls? please
  3. It is a setting on servers, I don't really know what it does.
  4. Yes I can only play on cracked
  5. Ok if you want to join @Polly or @Zixvir then you can join.
  6. Remember when you join meet in lab oki?
  7. So polly are you going to join? Imma activate then
  8. @Zixvir when are you going to join?
  9. ALSO LISTEN UP PEOPLE Herobrine Is in this world. Me and my sisters have found proof. We found a dirt pyramid in the middle of a river, and we did not build it.
  10. Thank you for wanting to join i have been waiting Ima put u on whitelist. I will be playing. When you join, look around. There is a trapdoor in the ground, and when you come in, I will meet you there. Oki?
  11. yes, there is. I use Tlauncher, because it is for free and you can download mods, modpacks, shaders, and resource packs in one click, with no dealing with files. The downsides are that it does not support realms, you can only join servers with cracked on, and the new versions take longer to come out.
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