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  1. holy jesus apple lore i was trying to explain 1 - 2 since my friend forgot that for a sec we have the positive plus apple. which then looked like a cross to my friend so she made it jesus or smtn then your fatherless motherless siblingless homeless moneyless dogless (was eaten by her) in the military is broke hungry dead but still alive neopolition (im nepali but she forgets that and so im neopolition lmao) friend wants your jesus apple. so she uses her two apples to get your apples. but you have only one jesus apple. so you cross out one apple and the only jesus apple and they disappear. how? just did. then she wants to take your other jesus apple but you only had one. but she does it anyways. so then her apple dissapears and you get the NEGATIVE jesus apple. so the answer is -11 since ypu gotta count the apples and leaves idk what the math teacher is gonna think when she sees the remains of the holy jesus apple lore
  2. halloween but with no purple?? kinda sucks tbh not that bad. interesting. hm. sorta okay.
  3. i havent drawn a dragon in a month or two bUT im joining anyways ehhehe
  4. I cant tell my lefts and rights what is this
  5. one of the firsts dont play in tune idk abt the one next to her ic ant see him one of them doesn’t even play and randomly plucks the one next is pretty bad my stand partner is mid ig the other two people are also kinda mid and then one of them doesn’t even know he’s a first and doesn’t play the right thing plus me, who my teacher/director is counting on me to lead the entirety of the firsts there you have it. the firsts :sob:
  6. happy late birthday <33
  7. “it’s so hard trying to make blahajs kiss” ”yeah” ”you tried??” -roblox 3008 experience
  8. do y’all ever just. like. wake up. and then just lay there doing nothing.
  9. color palette thing or smtn i was mostly playing w/ the brushes since the gouache brush s fun to use
  10. i aggressively count my numbers in spanish and when my parents tell me to shut up or smtn and i tell them im practicing and they don’t say anything after
  11. music!! i lvoe orchestra since yuh my teacher is awesome plus my friends are in it <33 plus bonus events/feildtrips make the class better ehehhehehfbhe
  12. “stop being so purple dinosaur you musty cheesestick.”
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