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  1. the director chose the first chairs as the soloists. damn. she chooses first chairs cause “i want to give everyone an opportunity”. might be cause since i was first chair/first row last time and a soloist at least im still section leader
  2. ahahah forget my hsr password :3 i wasn’t very far and i didn’t have many characters either so doesn’t really matter
  3. i eat skeleton$frog# help my auto correct what is this😨
  4. finished also i lied there’s a version with cat ears 😍😍😍😍
  5. here’s WIP for your consuming purposes :3 felt too silly so i put cat ears on him, wont have cat ears in finish though
  6. why is the quality like that hold on i’ll fix it edit: been fixed i think
  7. oil paint brush >>> watercolor brush raiden is way too drawable send help pls she’s all over my hw and notes
  8. do you ever have someone tell you something but you don’t know what they’re saying but they start laughing so you start laughing as well yeah that’s happened to many times
  9. i love seeing the “take one” signs and the grabbing five handfuls
  10. damn my mom took all my kit kats 😔😔 i have like,, two
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