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  1. Mason nodded, we ran towards the forest but before he could start looking for Duststorm, he heard some giggling. Mason got distracted and ran towards the giggling, he saw forest cats.
  2. Pale

    Crazy Quotes

    Sister: “Your not going to die of eating yogurt, chill” Me: “YES I AM” *pushes yogurt aside* Sister: “Oh good, I’ll plan your funeral” *pushes yogurt towards me* -happens everyday irl yogurt is evil
  3. Mason trembled a little ‘it wont be pretty’…is he going to… “Wh-what’s the t-task?”
  4. I hope so too… Mason thought. “What am I here for?”
  5. Mason was a little bit nervous, his tail curved around him
  6. Mason couldn’t hear anything but him breathing, Mason sat down as well
  7. Uh uh uh uh that’s really close to one of my friends name
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