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  1. Pale

    Fox'leaf's Den

    hbbngjbki she looks gorgeos the wings- i failed to ever make details
  2. her colors are driftwood/latte/latte i case that helps
  3. does anybody want thids coatl? I bought them, but I don’t feel like keeping them im selling her for 13,000 treasure or 13 gems (i will lower if you want, but thats the price I bought her and the original owner does not want to buy her back)
  4. oh no ill drive you to mcdonald’s everyday and buy you free happy meals if you save me an extra spot
  5. cheetos are wonderful they are a magical substance
  6. HAPPY BORTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pale

    Fox'leaf's Den

    don’t say that, if you make enough art, then you’ll just get better at it plus some of it looks really nice!!
  8. Pale

    Fox'leaf's Den

    wait, you play islands? oh my god i love that game, I used to play it so much!! (i cant play roblox because my laptop is so laggy I had to uninstall it and it doesn’t download on school devices, hopefully I can download it once my dad buys me a phone…)
  9. I feel so unmotivated to complete this arguing with my brain whether I should finish it or not the head just looks- and the talons are ok but…it just seems off… and- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SHOULDERS-
  10. 9 minutes is the 100 grade but you run a mile in 12:30 minutes and really it would be a 75 but your coach is so nice he gives you a 100 :DD
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