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  1. He noticed her but got distracted immediately and stared at bird, (Sry for late reply)
  2. K, now she done. Moons: Gibbous moon, half moon, and a blood moon
  3. When I say “scarce amount of moon-scales” I mean that there is not many moon-scale magic dragons. And I’ll edit the moons rn.
  4. Sure :DD making a normal one doesn’t need perm but the other things do!
  5. My Blood-MoonWing is done :DD Name: Scarcity Gender: Female Tribe: MoonWing Other: Scarcity was named after the scarce amount of moon-scale Blood-MoonWings, feisty, has lovely diamond and sapphire gold rings, has spikes that range from blues, to purples, to pinks, and ot magenta.
  6. I’m gonna make my SpiderWing OC, Arachnid, rn
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