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  1. I haven’t finished chapter 2 but why not? also I haven’t been able to play deltarune for a while so if I’m doing anything wrong just tell me ^^
  2. Used my base to create one of my oldest OC’s ^^


  3. Pale

    Green's Art Dump

    Hgfdxsdfghjkl its so pretty ^^
  4. Hajskdlfg its better then anything could I could ever write I thinks its amazing! :]
  5. “The circle just means I;m one of the best in the tribe…” Blizzard sighed an just sat there,,, he looked depressed
  6. “I hope my sisters won’t treat you like a pathetic rat, a they always do when I bring dragons from Pyhhria” she started walking further into the cavern, it seemed to get dark but the rubies lit the way
  7. It seemed normal, a basic storage room with lots of things that humans keep. Somewitch looking furniture was there as well. Then there was a door, with purple lights sticking of the sides. That must be the magic room.
  8. “It was more beautiful back then,” Sun said, “It’s lost of things that once made it special…”
  9. I have an OC with this :] its from the underwater art challenge thing you made
  10. You started walking further until you found a door that said ‘Storage’ go inside? -yes -no
  11. “Then lets go!” Sun grabbed out talons and jumped into a portal she quickly made. You appeared in a large cavern, it had rubies lines everywhere. It had dazzling patterns almost everywhere, “This is where I grew up” Sun said
  12. I’m still struggling to get he 14 T-T gonna ask my friend to lend to me soon
  13. Wait did we figure out who meaty poltergeist is I’m to lazy to read it
  14. “I have a life there, sure my parents are dead but I have sibling. I can’t stay in some messed up realm!” He said, “I have good education, I’m in the 1st circle” Blizzard starting rambling about things back home… //yes there’s still IceWing tradition B)
  15. //oops sorry I meant Rain-SkyWing let’s pretend I said that ”I’m hp=opting o=your wont mind you being gone for a bit..”
  16. Why am I doing everything but the PMV I legit need to focus on that T-T (These are my most recent headshots, I’ll be updating this with all the tribes soon)
  17. “I;ve been waiting to ask…” Sun said, “Do you want to come with to the 3rd realm? You’ll be the first RainWing to come!”
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